September 7th, 2008

farscape comic


Wrote fifteen pages of #3 of the Farscape comic. The last line I wrote (which is actually going on panel 1 of page 16, but I didn't go any farther than typing the line) is Rygel's: "Besides--you should see some of the other yotzes I've allied myself with over the cycles."
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myriad universes

yet another review!

steve_mollmann reviews both volumes of Star Trek: Myriad Universes -- among other things -- on his LJ.

Money quote regarding A Gutted World:
My favorite of these was DeCandido's A Gutted World; he once again demonstrates that he is the master of capturing character in this or any other universe, as we see how the characters we know and love would have developed had things gone slightly differently in 2369. It's a solid look at people we know in desperate circumstances, and Keith's use of continuity is as adept as ever, never obtrusive.

I know I've been linking to a lot of reviews of this one, but this is a story that I was incredibly nervous about. It's far darker than anything I've done before, and I honestly had no idea whether or not the story actually worked. That it's come in for so much praise is, frankly, something of a relief. *chuckle*
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fo' shizzle, rifftrax

I see stupid people....

There's a guy on the Trek BBS who posts under the username "Dayton3." Now let me put this up front: Dayton3 is an ass. His idea of the perfect Star Trek novel is one where Starfleet triumphs through superior military force. His sig reads: "Join a Church of Christ near you. The one true church described in the New Testament of the Bible. God loves you and wants you to be saved. And so do I."

He has also said many times that he prefers to read about all-male crews. tiggerallyn asked him what the appeal of that was, and this was his answer:

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Simpsons KRAD

my Sunday feeling

Yesterday I smashed my right little toe on something hard and unyielding, and by today it had turned all sorts of interesting colors and has continued to hurt like a sumbitch. terri_osborne taped it to the next toe over, and I just have to wait for it to heal.

Sadly, it derailed my plans to go to fighting class today. *sigh*

I'm currently sitting in the local Starbucks, working on the third issue of the Farscape comic and being amused at the fact that one of the other people in here is a man wearing a kilt. Now I've seen plenty of men in kilts in my life, but they're usually in very specific settings: cons, ren faires, formal Celtic-ish events, concerts, etc. Seeing one in a Starbucks is somewhat rarer....

It's a beautiful day out, Hannah having washed away the ick. We can keep this weather for a while.

If all goes well, the ScapeCast with my Dragon*Con interview will go live tonight. I'll keep y'all posted (or you can check the site yourselves).

Okay, back to work..................
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bone key

two more reviews

Sci-Fi Online has recently reviewed all three Supernatural novels, including my two: Nevermore and Bone Key, as well as my buddy Jeff Mariotte's Witch's Canyon.

Money quote regarding Bone Key:
Supernatural: Bone Key is another tie-in novel for the show, written by Keith R. A. DeCandido, a man who obviously never sleeps given his prolific annual output of novels. His previous Supernatural novel, Nevermore, was a little light on the horror, thankfully DeCandido has addressed this in his new novel with many juicy and lurid descriptions of death. More than this he has, in these short sequences, presented the characters in such a way that even after only a few pages of introduction to the prospective victim you actually feel for the characters.
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