September 14th, 2008


go team Kenshikai!

Well, we did it. We had several people who ran the entire 3.2 miles and we had people who ran part of it and we had three of us who just walked the thing.

But we did it. And in the end we did raise $3000 (actually $3050) as a team. I am very pleased. Kudos to Senpais Steven and Liza, who were our team captains. Among the high points: the woman who was playing the cowbell out of her sixth-story window on Central Park West, the various cheerleaders (including some actual ones from NYU and elsewhere), and the talks given at the top of the event by various celebrities from grand marshal Cynthia Nixon to the one and only Stephen Colbert. Colbert was particularly amusing: "I haven't stretched, but I did get an epidural." "I'm part of a team from The Colbert Report. I'm not the captain -- that job went to someone who's actually athletic."

I came home and fell right asleep, and I intend to fall back asleep in about four-and-a-half seconds (I woke up to pee). Many pictures were taken, and I'll try to post them when I get them.
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a Four Walls review

I met a gentleman at Dragon*Con named Jeremy McCollum, who said he loved my CSI: NY novel Four Walls and would be reviewing it. That review is now online at Book Spot Central.

Money quote:

The one single thing that burned into my brain after reading Four Walls is cannoli. One of our crime scenes was Belluso’s Bakery, home of "the best cannoli in the city." Through the eyes of Stella Bonasera we get a mouthwatering lesson in the fine art of good cannoli. I appreciate good food, especially a good dessert so this cannoli section was a delight. The ultimate legacy of Four Walls, for me, is that I had never had a cannoli previously. After reading about them in rich detail throughout the book I decided that I had to go out and try one. Thus began my quest to find the "best cannoli in the city" in Wilmington, NC. I’m not sure what higher compliment can be given to the rich background of a story than the fact that it began an obsession with a dessert I had never previously had. I think it goes without saying that Mr. DeCandido is a big cannoli fan. He’s also a good enough writer to make that contagious.

When I met Jeremy at D*C, I asked him how that search was going, and he allowed as how it's tough to find good cannoli in Wilmington, something I could've told him before he started. *laughs*
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my Sunday feeling

Went to the parents' for a lovely dinner of chicken stew with jalapeños. (Yes, booraven22, the requisite "José Jalapeño -- on a steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeck" joke was made...)

Then came home, read over the script for #4 of the Farscape comic, deemed it good, and trundled it off to Rockne for his okee dokee.

Tomorrow, I finally get back to GWP2....
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