September 24th, 2008


stupid iTunes...

I wanted to create ringtones from certain songs I have on iTunes. Except it turns out that you can only make ringtones out of songs you bought directly from iTunes. So, fine, I try to make some ringtones specifically of stuff I bought (or was given as a gift) from the iTunes store...

...only to learn that tons of songs can't be made into ringtones, either. Grump. Grump grump grump. Grump.
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    "Witchy Woman" by the Eagles
penguin1, chin up

I'm sick

I seem to have come down with something. I was feeling the beginnings of it yesterday, and it hit me full bore when I tried to get up this morning.


I had to bail out of my lunch and out of going to Brian Thomsen's wake today, as well two meetings tonight.


Off to drown in tea and soup.....
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    "Cat Turned Blue" by Rusted Root

I don't know why...

...but it pleases very much to see that both Robert Joy and AJ Buckley have been elevated to the status of opening-credits regular on CSI: NY.
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    tonight's CSI: NY, obviously