September 26th, 2008

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and in other news, Dewey defeats Truman....

Apparently the McCain campaign took out an ad in the Wall Street Journal that's appeared in their online version declaring that McCain won the debate.

That link is to a blog reporting on the story. The ad is apparently in rotation on this page on the WSJ site. This is a screenshot a reader of the above-linked blog claimed to have made of the ad. I say "claimed" (and "apparently") because I reloaded the WSJ page some ten times, and that ad never came up. Lots of financial institutions (snort) and UPS, but no McCain ad.
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politics, Kerry Edwards

whoever had 38 minutes in the pool...

...for when Senator McCain uses the word "maverick." I thought it would take longer.

As this debate goes on, Senator McCain sounds vague and out of touch and full of shit. Senator Obama is a bit too canned and repetitive, but he's saying things that more Americans want to hear. He's also called McCain on lies.

("Thanks to this great general, General Petreus." Riiiiiiiiiiiight.....)
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politics, Kerry Edwards

he's not "John" anymore....

As the debate has gone on, Senator Obama has warmed to the format, has dealt several body blows to Senator McCain via the latter's lies, and also nailed him on the Spain thing. And Senator McCain keeps making statements about Senator Obama that have already been proven wrong.

But he also has stopped calling him "John," and is now calling him "Senator McCain."

This has been fascinating to watch.
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politics, Kerry Edwards

final thoughts on the debate

It's mostly a draw, but that actually works in Senator Obama's favor, because this was supposed to be the debate that Senator McCain was strongest on: foreign policy. Senator Obama actually sounded knowledgeable and intelligent and nuanced on the subject (despite Senator McCain constantly saying that he didn't understand). Senator McCain definitely salvaged a good amount of his credibility tonight, which is good for him, as a metric ton of that cred was flushed down the toilet the last two weeks.

I think the only minds that might be changed by this are people who thought of Senator Obama as inexperienced and naïve, and he proved pretty conclusively that he isn't. But even there, I suspect that mostly this debate didn't change anybody's mind.
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