October 5th, 2008

prague, tainted love

more on the stupid, plus poker!

Suffice it to say, it wasn't that stupid, but damn did it feel stupid at the time. Anyhow, it's all fixed, no harm, no foul, and life goes on.

If anyone wants to know what happened -- tough noogies. If you see me in a bar and buy me a beer, I might consider telling you....

Anyhow, tonight was the first "monthly" poker game since the spring, and since there were only four of us, we did a Texas Hold 'Em tourney -- and I won! Go me! It was a $10 buy in, so I'm $30 richer than I was earlier today. Yay!
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keith & terri

my Sunday feeling

Busy day today. First I took girasole and the Infomancer to the supermarket, then I went to fighting class, which was a full 20 rounds (closing with me fighting two kids at once), and also had dinner with the aforementioned girasole and Infomancer at the house, a meal that included fine chili (and yes, Mom, you sent me the recipe) and excellent corn bread, and now we're back home.

Also in there, terri_osborne and I scoped out our new digs. Not sure if I've mentioned this or not, but we're moving -- all of one flight down, mind you. *laughs* It's an apartment with the same floorplan as our current place, but with several important improvements:

1. One less flight of stairs, a fact appreciated by our aging knees.
2. Ceiling fans in the dining room and one of the bedrooms (which will be my office).
3. Two air conditioners already in place, plus we can bring down the one we bought when we moved here, giving us three, which is a huge improvement over the one we have right now.
4. Best of all: two patios, one off the living room, one off my office.

The only drawbacks are comparatively minor, and overall we're quite pleased. When we first moved in together in 2001, I moved in three weeks before she did, and we'd never lived together before. In the time since, we've figured a bunch of things out, and also gained extra storage space in our garage that we can make good use of to give us a fresh start, and also provide an apartment that's us instead of the two of us melded together....
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