October 7th, 2008


Obama = ? -- Biden = ? -- McCain = ? -- Palin = ?

This meme has been going around, and FARK has collected them all into one place. Click on this, it's fucking hysterical.

I think my favorite is the one where Obama is Sisko, Biden is Picard, McCain is Grand Nagus Zek, and Palin is Rom. *hee* The one where Obama is Xena, Biden is Gabrielle, McCain is Ares, and Palin is Joxer isn't bad, either....
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Sprint's right hand, meet Sprint's left hand......

So I get a call on the cell from "Unknown." I answer with a due sense of anticipation and dread, and discover that it's Sprint. It's a service call to see if I can improve my service.

Of course, I cancelled my Sprint account two weeks ago when I got the iPhone, since that particular device is exclusive to AT&T. I explained that to the caller, who was a bit nonplussed....
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