October 16th, 2008

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snurched from jesshartley

1. What is your last name? DeCandido
2. 4 letter word: damn
3. Vehicle: DSRV (Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle)
4. City / Neighborhood: Dubai
5. Boy Name: David
6. Girl Name: Dolores
7. Occupation: daycare provider
8. Something you wear: diamond ring (well, okay, I don't wear one, but others do!)
9. Food: dim sum
10. Found in a bathroom: dead bugs (the bathroom is where Aoki takes her kills)
11. Reason for Being Late: delays
12. Something you shout: "Dy-no-mite!" (your token 70s reference for the day....)
13. Animal: dog
14. Body part: distal phalange
15. Word to describe yourself: determined
16. Foreign Country: Dominican Republic
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well, gawrsh....

According to this post by missysedai, Joseph Wurzelbacher, a.k.a. "Joe the Plumber," is not registered to vote.

Bad enough that this clown was the star of the debate last night because he whined at Senator Obama about not being able to buy the business he makes $250,000 a year at (and if he's making $250K a year in a suburb of Toledo, he's doing a lot better than most people), but if it means that much to him, why isn't he registered to vote?

Thanks to "Skwid" at Making Light for the heads-up.

Edited to add: Well, it turns out that Joe the Plumber is registered to vote, but his name is misspelled in the database. But, he isn't actually licensed to be a plumber. Oops.
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keith & terri

okay, now it feels like we're moving....

I just ordered out cable service. We're moving from the DISH Network to Cablevision, not because we're dissatisfied with DISH -- far from it -- but because we're incredibly dissatisfied with Verizon. Their DSL service sucks the wet farts out of dead pigeons, and we refuse to get our internet through a satellite provider (waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too unsecure). The parental people have Cablevision, and they have excellent Internet service, and also their cable service has improved dramatically since we dropped them like a hot potato in favor of DISH in 2002.
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