October 17th, 2008


The Mom speaks!

I'm in a library in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, watching (and listening to) girasole give a speech to the Southeast Pennsylvania Library Association. She's now doing Q&A/discussion. And she's doing magnificently, I must say, and not just 'cause she's my Mom.....

I particularly liked the way she used the "horse may talk" story as a theme of the speech. (If you don't know the story, read my Supernatural novel Bone Key. Bobby tells Dean the story.)
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    the speech, obviously

thus endeth the week....

I have risen at 6am. (To paraphrase Major Charles Emerson Winchester III, I generally only see one six o'clock per day, and that isn't it.)

I have driven to King of Prussia.

I have listened to girasole give a fantastic speech.

I have sold (and signed) $200 worth of books.

I have driven back from King of Prussia.

I have deposited a desperately needed check that arrived today.

I have paid the rent only two days late (we pay on the 15th).

I have gone to dinner with the parental people and eaten a salad, veal parmigiana, and strawberry shortcake, and drunk a lot of wine.

I have come home.

I now intend to sit here and veg in front of the TV until I fall asleep -- which will likely be in about six-and-a-half seconds....
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    tonight's Rachel Maddow Show

when I rule the world.....

...the shouty guy who does the Oxi Clean commercials will be castrated, drawn, and quartered, not necessarily in that order.
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    the repeat of Rachel Maddow (I missed the beginning the first time)