October 25th, 2008

bone key

a nice review!

Jens Deffner, a.k.a. defcons_treklit, has written a nice review of Supernatural: Bone Key.

Money quote:
The characterisation of the brothers is spot-on and transports them effortlessly from the screen onto the pages. DeCandido is also able to show the special bond between the two without drifting off into the melodramatic (like the series occasionally does, in my opinion), and he isn’t beyond poking fun at himself for a minor mistake he made with the Dean character in his previous Supernatural novel, Nevermore. Bobby isn’t really present for much of the novel, but in those parts he does feature in, Keith R.A. DeCandido was able to make him count and give a good look at his motivations.
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keith & terri

owwwwww, my back....

What I did today:

---We have these two small standing butcher-block-style units with two shelves under each (purchased in 2000 when I was living on my own in a studio apartment). They've both accumulated a frightening amount of stuff, a lot of which I threw out, then cleaned them off and moved them downstairs (the latter with help from The Cuz).
---I moved down my nightstand/small dresser and the drawers in one of my two clothes dressers (to them in the know: not Mrs. Murphy's Chowder, which will come down tomorrow).
---Tossed a mess of clothes into the discard pile for Salvation Army donation.
---Threw out at least five big-ass garbage bags full of stuff (I honestly lost count).
---Brought down a bunch of kitchen stuff, including everything under the sink, and also ran the dirty dishes through the dishwasher (probably that dishwasher's swan song until The Cuz moves in).
---Brought down (again with the help of The Cuz) the TV stand and put the flatscreen in the living room on it. (We were going to mount it on the wall, but the mount we bought doesn't quite work, and besides the stand is small and has shelf space for DVDs.)
---Probably some other stuff, too, but I honestly don't remember as I'm exhausted, sweaty, and my back hurts.

Right now I'm going to crash for a bit, then I have to shower and run to the store for stuff. Tonight is the dojo's anniversary party, so I'll be doing that while terri_osborne does stuff without me in the way. *wry grin*
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