October 27th, 2008

king julien

books moved and (almost) shelved!

As of this writing, all of my books (that I'm keeping, anyhow -- I'm getting rid of a bunch, which are still upstairs) have been moved down to the second floor and many of them have been shelved -- basically, all the ones that are going in my office are shelved. The mass-markets have been shelved from A-L, with M-Z to go onto the three bookcases that will go in the living room (one's there, one has to be moved, one has to be assembled). The larger books (hardcovers, trades) are all shelved and all fit on the bookcases in my office. I am well pleased.

The move is coming along, but we're not going to get it all done this weekend (terri_osborne took tomorrow off work). I think, however, we can get everything down here, thrown out, or in the garage by the end of next weekend......
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politics, Kerry Edwards

more dead soldiers!

Senator John McCain spoke at a rally today in Ohio. I caught bits of it while moving things (terri_osborne had MSNBC on the TV in the living room) and one of the criticisms he has of Senator Barack Obama is that he wants to "concede in Iraq." What a lovely euphemism! Makes it sound bad, doesn't it? And then he says that he won't bring the troops home until he can do it "with honor," whatever the fuck that means.

Actually, I know what it means: we need more dead soldiers. Better that more soldiers die than we actually concede anything. I'm not sure how anything could possibly be done "with honor" in Iraq at this point, and it's pretty fucking pathetic that someone who served in the quagmire of Vietnam can think that. But then, for all that Senator McCain's service is lauded, he was legacied into Annapolis and managed to keep his wings even though he crashed four planes, because Daddy and Grandpappy were big-shot admirals. He wasn't exactly a typical soldier. Maybe he thinks there really is honor in dying pointlessly.

But what it boils down to is this: a vote for McCain-Palin is a vote for more dead soldiers. That may be harsh and unfair and going too far, but it's a lot more honest than Senator McCain's hogwash about conceding and coming home with honor....
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