November 3rd, 2008

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she rides!

It is now 10am on Monday.

At 1.30pm on Sunday, I started working on finishing off GWP2.

With the exception of two 45-minute naps and one 75-minute dinner break, I have been writing nonstop during that entire interval.

I wrote about 20,000 words in the 17 hours and 45 minutes that I spent writing.

The manuscript has been sent to the editor, who has shown generous and unwarranted patience with a deadbeat author.

I am now going to sleep, y'know, a lot.....
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Madelyn Dunham and Molly Bagnall, RIP

Madelyn Dunham, grandmother to Senator Barack Obama, lost her lengthy battle with cancer at the age of 86, only a couple of days before the presidential election. She's the person who mostly raised Senator Obama, and I gotta say, she did an amazing job. I'm especially sorry that she didn't live to see whether or not her grandson would be elected president.

Molly Bagnall is the mother of Heather Scheeler, a.k.a. my fellow Boogie Knight Lady Sarah of MacLachlan, who lost a long battle of her own with assorted ailments. She was a regular presence at Knights concerts, and she and her husband also generously opened their house to us for a photo shoot. (All the photos on the Many a Sleepless Knight CD were taken at the Bagnall residence.)

Both grand old women died peacefully in their sleep surrounded by loved ones. Both greatly deserve to rest in peace.

*raises glass*
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baby baby, let me sleep all day....

Yes, I know the line from "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" is actually "let me sleep on it," but for years, I thought Meat Loaf was singing "sleep all day."

And sleep all day is indeed what I did. Didn't wake up until a little after five. I've been spending the time since catching up on LJ, e-mail, and assorted BBSes.

I've attended very little karate the last couple of weeks between the deadline and moving, so I'm definitely going tonight (especially since I can't tomorrow; besides being Election Day, tomorrow is the 62nd birthday of bronxbob350, a.k.a. The Dad, and we're going out to dinner).

Will do irons in the fire shortly.
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