November 6th, 2008


we got Wounds!

There was a screwup at the bindery for the latest Star Trek: Corps of Engineers compilation Wounds -- which includes my story Security, as well as terri_osborne's Malefictorum, as well as tales by Ilsa J. Bick, John J. Ordover, and Cory Rushton -- but it looks like it's all straightened out. The book is now available from Amazon, and should start showing up at your local bookstore any microsecond.

Several of the stories in the book cross over with the post-finale DS9 fiction, and my story also features Christine Vale from the Titan series.

Check it out!
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politics, Kerry Edwards

Eugene Robinson tells it like it is

Eugene Robinson is a columnist for the Washington Post, and also a regular commentator on MSNBC, showing up regularly on Countdown with Keith Olbermann and The Rachel Maddow Show, and he was part of the network's coverage of the election on Tuesday, along with the hosts of the aforementioned shows, and Chris Mathews and David Gregory. I always enjoy Robinson's commentary on Olbermann and Maddow's shows, and I was very glad to see his analysis as part of the election coverage.

popfiend linked to two pieces of his, and they really should be read: His Tuesday morning piece, written before the polls opened, and then his Wednesday piece written after the election was decided.
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politics, Kerry Edwards

why Barack Obama will be our next president...

He won Indiana, Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia.

North Carolina and Indiana are the really impressive ones. NC, remember, is Jesse Helms country, and Indiana is where the KKK is headquartered. And while the margins were tight -- 1,367,503 to 1,341,667 in Indiana and a razor-thin 2,123,410 to 2,109,402 in NC -- he still won.

Oh, another interesting bit of trivia: with Elizabeth Dole's loss to Kay Hagan, 2009 will be the first year since 1952 that neither a Bush nor a Dole will serve a major public office.
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