November 7th, 2008


the cats like the eye-level window

One of the features of our new place is two decks, one in the front (off my office) and one in the back (off our living room). The cats love these eye-level windows that allow them to look out at the world (and the birds and the squirrels) without having to jump up onto anything.

Today, Aoki was sitting calmly by the door in my office, next to Grossman, out troll.

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Farscape show in Burbank

Creation is holding a Farscape convention in Burbank this weekend. According to the schedule, BOOM! is doing a panel on the upcoming comics tomorrow at 1.20pm.

Hope they say nice things about me.........................
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one last reminder about the concert tomorrow

Tomorrow night--Saturday 8 November 2008--is the Boogie Knights charity concert in Baltimore at the Musical Artists Theatre. (The Knights are the parody band for which I serve as percussionist.)

Admission is $10, and all proceeds go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Tommy Fund for Childhood Cancer, in the name of our late squire Robbie Greenberger. Robbie's father, Bob Greenberger, will be serving as MC for the evening.

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Hope to see every singe one of you there! (Not expecting that, but it's good to have hopes....)
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