November 9th, 2008


on the road again

Posting from a Burger King off I-95 about 20 miles south of Baltimore, and heading home.

The concert was fantastic.

More later when I'm home and can type with more than one finger...
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my Sunday feeling

The concert last night was most excellent. It was two one-hour sets, with a 20-minute intermission. It was apparently the longest set the Boogie Knights have ever done (it's not even close to the longest I've done), and a rare instance where we play something other than a convention -- which means we aren't beholden to the rest of the schedule. *grin*

The set was a mix of old and new, including our newest song ("Worked Like a Charm," a parody of "Dust in the Wind," which includes a recorder solo by me) and some older songs we haven't performed since I joined the band in early 2006 ("Someone Defenseless," a parody of "No Myth," and "Lycanthrope in Love," a parody of "A Teenager in Love"), plus many favorites. Our encore included "The Seven" (parody of Emerald Rose's "Freya, Shakti"), which was very vociferously requested by the audience. *laughs*

We had an absolutely wonderful time. The songs all sounded great, the singing was gorgeous, neither John nor I hit a wrong note or beat, and the audience was very much into it. We got a standing ovation at the end, too, which was nice.

Afterward, a bunch of us went to a 24-hour diner for some much needed sustenance and entertainment. One person brought along a little toy T-rex, that had a button that opened and shut its mouth. She handed it to everyone, and asked what noise it made for them. I had it holding a conversation, including a bit lifted from an old Dinosaurs episode where he wonders why they never take him bowling. This prompted the very drunk teenagers at the next table to ask if I was a stand-up comic, because I was very very funny. (Yes, they were serious. They were too plastered to be kidding.)

Then boogiebabe_smap and I headed to her abode, where I was awash in love affection and fur from her keeshonds, Jack and Athena, then I settled in her guest room and slept the sleep of the dead until 12.30 today.

The ride home could've been better, as there was traffic in New Jersey, both between Philadelphia and where the highway splits and again for the George Washington Bridge, though the latter was ameliorated by my knowledge of Fort Lee local streets. *grin*

Came home, slept, ate, emptied out the china closet for moving tomorrow, and now am catching up on online stuff.....
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