November 20th, 2008

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cool things I found while cleaning out my office....

A ribbon from the 1989 March for Women's Equality & Women's Lives that I went to along with four fellow Fordham students. (The joys of attending a Jesuit University. Other colleges could boast busloads full of students. All we managed was five people in a 1977 Ford Pinto. I love Fordham, and am proud to be an alumnus, but a hotbed of liberalism, it wasn't....)

The issue of Fordham's Point magazine where I wrote an article about the abovementioned march, which I honestly forgot I had written. It wasn't nearly as dreadful as I thought it would be. *laughs*

The nameplate from my cubicle when I worked at Library Journal from 1990-1992.

A badly beat-up copy of the issue of The Village Voice that reviewed The Chronic Rift in January 1991, including my mug on the table of contents page.
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final Philcon schedule

This what I'll be doing at Philcon 2008, to be held in Cherry Hill, New Jersey this weekend:


11am: reading in Executive Suite 623 -- not sure what I'll be reading yet...

4pm: "Star Trek: Where Are We Boldly Going?" in Plaza II, w/Jennifer Williams, Hugh Casey, Terri Osborne, Steve Vertlieb, and Josepha Sherman

5pm: "When is it Time to Stop Revising?" in Plaza III, w/Lawrence M. Schoen, Gregory Frost, and Gordon Linzner

Please note that I will not be able to do the Eye of Argon reading Friday night.

Looking forward to seeing some of you there!
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I'm dead.

Completely, bone-weary, exhausted dead.

Two rooms still need to be cleared out: the bedroom and terri_osborne's office. The rest of the apartment is empty save for two large pieces that need to be disassembled.

Terri's doing as much as her hobbled self can tonight, but I've got nothin' after four straight days of this.

Philcon is actually being anticipated as a chance for us to relax. And how ridiculous is it that we go to cons to relax?????

Monday, we tackle the rest of it, but at least now the painting can start.
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Simpsons KRAD

interesting panel at Philcon on Sunday

On Sunday at 2pm is "WAIT 'TIL I POST THIS ON MY BLOG!" The panel includes terri_osborne (who's moderating), popfiend, ktpinto, dr_p_venkman, hughcasey, and some poor sod named J.R. Blackwell (a.k.a. blackwell), who obviously has no idea what she's in for with those five garbanzos on the panel. *chuckle*

Hey, trillsie! You and I should sit in the back and go all Statler and Waldorf on them! *hee*
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supernatural, nevermore

the finest moment in television history

So I'm catching up with Supernatural, and I'm finally watching the "Wishful Thinking" episode of Supernatural.

See, there's this wishing well, and a little girl wished for a real teddy bear. She got this six-foot talking teddy bear -- who sees all the horror in the world and suffers from existential angst, to the point that he breaks into a liquor store and steals bottles of Irish Cream and Amaretto, and also raids the porno rack of the magazine stand.

Later on, his despair has grown so great, that he sticks a shotgun in his mouth. The camera pans aside, and we hear the report of the blast and stuffing splattered all over the wall. (I can safely say I've never seen teddy bear stuffing splatter before....) Then we pan back--

--to see that the teddy bear is still alive, albeit with a gigunda hole in the back of his bear head.

He looks to the ceiling in supplication, shakes his paws with fury and cries, "Whyyyyyyy?"

Definitely the finest moment in television history. Nothing will ever come close. *nods*
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