November 23rd, 2008


wait till I post this on my blog! (liveblog)

I'm sitting here at the blogging panel. terri_osborne is moderating, and J.R. Blackwell blackwell, hughcasey, popfiend, ktpinto, and Jay Smith dr_p_venkman consist of the rest of the panel. trillsie is sitting next to me, and we're both blogging the event.

Terri got the audience to stop chattering so the panel could start by yelling "STFU!" at the top of her lungs. Now the panel is all introducing. themselves. Jay and Popfiend have been very good about plugging the Chronic Rift web site.

Now the panel are each pushing the blogs they read besides their own. John Scalzi, Boing Boing, the Daily Kos, Huffington Post, and several others that I forgot because I was verifying the URLs of the ones I did remember.

J.R. just mentioned finding an old boyfriend from her youth who married a woman without a vagina. I have nothing to add to that, I just had to record it.

When asked what she likes to blog about, KT quickly said, "Me!"

Popfiend is talking about how he uses LJ to make the place positive, and said that he started wishing everybody a happy birthday because one person said there was nobody to wish her a happy birthday, so he decided right there to wish everyone who reads him a happy birthday. Everyone else on the panel, as soon as he said that, said, "Awwww!" Now he's describing Drama Free Thursday and Casual Dress Friday. alexjay just said from the audience (next to me): "You're a happiness pimp!"

Now Wife Of Popfiend is talking about how embarrassed she is that he blogs about how much he loves her. Then he talked about the time he was woken up in the middle of the night when said wife discovered he left the toilet seat up. Now he's telling the story about the Great Grits Debate of 2008, which extended to the audience, and then led to the debate happening in the room.

This led to grits on vagina jokes, and we then turned to Jay to bring the conversation back to normal, which is a sad commentary on how far off the reservation we'd gotten. Jay has moved onto the Citadel Boys. (Check his LJ....)

Hugh started his blog to kick-start his writing, since he was talking about being a writer, but not actually writing. The blog has helped in that regard. Other things Hugh does include some blogging he did during Hurricane Katrina, and posting pictures of pretty geeks, which has led to the prettygeekcomm community.

Now they're discussing topic derailment. And now Popfiend's discussing the now-defunct MasterPop Theatre feature, including "Man-Boobs" and "The B.O. Song."

Terri is now talking about how the blog was useful in both working through her own, and helping other people with their, depression.

Next to me, alexjay has just written a filk: the Hugh Casey version of "Pretty Woman."

KT just said, "I have a girls-only filter," to which Jay quickly said, "Thank you!"

Silly panel. Silly silly panel. Great fun.
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