November 24th, 2008


achy breaky Keith

Due to moving and such, I haven't been to karate class in a week and a half (not since the boot-to-the-head incident in fighting class, as it happens).

I went tonight. I remembered everything, and did fine, lotsa pushups, 120 situps, katas, combinations, etc., but holy shit am I tired and achy.

In the immortal words of Linus in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown: "Don't ever let me do that again!"
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questions, questions, questions!

Time once again for an "ask Keith" post. So go ahead and ask me anything you want. I reserve the right to not answer a question, but in all the times I've done this, I've rarely (if ever -- I've done enough that I've lost track) refused to answer a question (though there's been a time or two where I forgot to answer a question because I'm a big honking doofus).

Anyhow: ask away, ask away, ask away, onward!
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