November 29th, 2008

alien spotlight


Up to 12,166 words on "The Unhappy Ones." Just ended a scene with Korax blowing somebody's head off with a disruptor.
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chronic rift

another episode in the virtual can

We just a little while ago finished recording the bulk of the next episode of The Chronic Rift podcast, which should be going live on Monday. Among the many and varied features are popfiend's "Pop Fiendish," wherein he discusses Philcon, and my own "Couch Potato Salad," in which I review Sanctuary and Primeval. There are also book, DVD, and comic book reviews, and an interview with the author of Amazing Spider-Man Yearbook '08, Michael Fichera.

Oh, and we've got "Bringing it to the Table," wherein I plug Bruce Springsteen's Pete Seeger tribute We Shall Overcome and Arlo Guthrie's In Times Like These.
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