December 4th, 2008

ghost academy

brain no workie

Tried to work on Ghost Academy, but apparently I used up all my brain juice on the Volume 1 revision. I'll tackle it tomorrow, along with going to the shrink, filling the garage, and attending Don Walsh's wake. Busy busy busy....
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Farscape comic preview

MTV's "Splash Page" web site has an interview with Rockne S. O'Bannon about the Farscape comic, and there's also a six-page preview of #1.

This is my first time seeing the pages in color, and I'm very stoked.

Also, it looks like #1 will be released on Christmas Eve. Once that's confirmed, I'll post here again....

Edited to add: Yup, 24 December 2008 is confirmed as the street date for #1. I'm going to try to do a signing in NYC somewhere to commemorate.
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my editor has been fired

Marco Palmieri, who was my editor on 11 of my novels, three of my novelizations, two of my novellas, and four of my short stories, was laid off yesterday. It was part of a general bloodletting at Simon & Schuster, which canned 35 employees at the direction of their corporate masters.

Marco was responsible for the majority of the Star Trek fiction published over the past several years -- of the books published from 2005 through to what's scheduled to the end of 2009, Marco edited 65% of them -- and he also edited most of Pocket's novels based on videogames, including Resident Evil and the three Blizzard Games licenses (World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo).

Margaret Clark, who edited 40% of that same range of Trek fiction (four of the books were jointly edited by Margaret and Marco), will be taking over that line, and his other projects will be divvied among those who remain behind.

To add insult to injury, Marco is married with two boys. And he just got laid off out of the blue three weeks before Christmas. Nice.

I can also say that some of my best work has been under Marco's tutelage, in particular The Art of the Impossible, Articles of the Federation, and the forthcoming A Singular Destiny.

His presence at Pocket Books will be missed.
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wee krad, South Park Keith, South Park Keith #2

from dr_p_venkman

Quoth Jay:

We're creeping up on end of day, so this will probably miss many of you, but I'm calling a HAPPINESS FRENZY for the next 24 hours here in this post.

For everyone's benefit, post a picture or a joke or something positive. More nude pictures are not necessary, but I leave it to your better judgment. Clear skies, landscapes, happy kids caked in food, cool things would be great.

I will be relinquishing control of this journal to the Citadel Boys and The Muses until either the holidays end or my emo troll is caught and devoured. We've got a lot going on. I'm tired of inflicting my troll upon you fine people.

So, let's destroy the place with Awesome and Good and tidings of comfort and joy.

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