December 5th, 2008



Changed my Rygel-from-the-comic-book icon to the one in color, now that it's available.
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Friday already?????

Geez, it was only Monday a few hours ago.....

The move, she is done. All our shit is out of the old apartment and either a) in the new apartment, b) in the garage, or c) in a landfill somewhere.

The old apartment had gotten toxic. This is a chance for a fresh start. The living room will be more open and living-able (I just made that word up), the kitchen has more space (it's the same size kitchen, but we've rearranged the stuff in it so that there's more room), the china closet is now where it can be seen, and, most importantly, terri_osborne and I have switched offices, which has made both of us very very happy. (I'm, in fact, sitting in the new office right now and loving it. *grin*) Also in the new year, we'll be hiring a cleaning service to come, probably once a month or so.

Unpacking will happen, uh, later. I'm horribly behind on writing. Today and throughout the weekend I revise the proposals for Volumes 2-3 of Ghost Academy (while awaiting feedback on what should be the final revision of Volume 1), write a proposal for a tie-in novel that I've been meaning to get to, and start on Spectres.
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scribe award indecision

Back in this post, I put up a poll as to which of my three speculative fiction original tie-in novels should be submitted for consideration in the IAMTW Scribe Awards.

Supernatural: Bone Key got almost twice the votes of either Star Trek: Myriad Universes: A Gutted World or Star Trek: Klingon Empire: A Burning House, but I've found it to be unconvincing.

So instead of a poll, I'm going to put it as a question to the folks reading this: Tell me which one you want me to submit, and explain why.
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