December 7th, 2008


SF writer blogs

A clearing house for SF writer blogs, mostly those of authors, with the most recent five (public) entries from each.

It's mostly an alphabetical list, but they include a separate bunch on top. Most of them are what you'd expect: Sci-Fi Wire, SF Scope, SFF World News, plus the blogs of Robert J. Sawyer and John Scalzi and some others. Presumably these are the most popular ones. For reasons passing understanding, I'm in there with the folks on top. I really have no clue why.

In any case, check it out! It's very very cool.

(Thanks to tiggerallyn for the link.)
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my Sunday feeling

Had a good fighting class today. There were only three of us, so we did 17 rounds, but each of us got a break every third round -- I fought Shihan (Lio resting), Lio fought Shihan (me resting), and I fought Lio (Shihan resting). We did five of those, then did two more of straight up boxing, first me and Shihan, then Shihan and Lio, then we bowed out. It was a good day, and I'm pleased with how I did. (This was my first fighting class since the "boot to the head" incident, and I'm particularly glad that I came through this one less injured....)

I took a long nap, and now I'm off to forage for lunch and work on a tie-in novel pitch I've been procrastinating on for months.
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