December 12th, 2008


I hate our bank

I've been with the same bank for 22 years. Back then it was Chemical Bank, but when they bought up Chase Manhattan, they changed the name to Chase.

And they have done something today that is beyond the pale, and has royally pissed me and terri_osborne off, to the point where we intend to take our money elsewhere.

I actually yelled at a customer-service person today. I never yell at customer-service people, but I did to this passive-aggressive snot when he told me there was nothing he could do about how badly they fucked us up the ass.

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busy day....

Got woken up by terri_osborne who was justifiably pissed about what happened with the bank (leading to my making the phone call where I learned what actually happened), then had a conversation with a colleague I haven't talked to in a while (and work may come out of it), then had a lengthy conversation with my agent. And then Joe Corroney posted artwork for Farscape #4.

And it's not even noon yet. Wheeee!
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