December 17th, 2008

chronic rift

new Rift episode (belated)

Forgot to mention this -- the latest episode of The Chronic Rift podcast is now available (and has been since Monday)! This is one of our Roundtable episodes, and the discussion focuses on Live Action Role Playing. Hosted by Jay Smith (dr_p_venkman) and John S. Drew (drewshi) and featuring LARPer/Merchant Wares proprietor Rebecca Kindergan.

You can get the podcast on iTunes, from the Rift web site, or from podOmatic.
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ghost academy

and so it begins....

I scripted the five-page prologue for StarCraft: Ghost Academy Volume 1. Was hoping to do more today, but this is a good start.

My goal is to get Chapter 1 done in the next day or two, then dive back into Spectres.
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Midtown Comics Farscape signing at NYCC

It's confirmed that cover artist Dennis Calero and I will be doing a joint one-hour signing to promote the Farscape comic at the Midtown Comics booth at New York Comic Con in early February.

More specifics as soon as I have them. (I'll likely be doing something at Pocket's booth this year, especially since that's right when A Singular Destiny will hit....)
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