December 18th, 2008

ghost academy


Forgot to post last night: up to page 24 of Ghost Academy Volume 1. Chapter 1 is supposed to end on page 32, so that's what I'm shooting for today...........
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farscape comic

Farscape continues....

It's official: After the four-issue Farscape miniseries ends, be on the lookout for...

...Farscape: Strange Detractors. Still plotted by Rockne, still scripted by me, still with covers by Joe Corroney and Dennis Calero, still published by BOOM! Studios. This miniseries will have art by Will Sliney.

This is the comic script I couldn't talk about. *grin* I've scripted issue #1, and I'm just waiting for Rockne's feedback.

I can talk about this because it's been announced on the Things From Another World site, including an interview on the Blog from Another World with me and editor Matt Gagnon.

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*Keith does happy dance*
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sucks, penguin5

Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, RIP

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