December 24th, 2008


Farscape #1 reviews!

I love the Internet. There are already a few reviews online of Farscape #1:

"Stars" on (that's the spoiler-free review; there's also one with spoilers):
There's a feeling of homey recognition as familiar settings and images appear: Command, Pilot's den, Rygel hovering on his thronesled, Pilot on the clamshell. And some pages' visuals are simply stunning, impressive in a way that would have been bank-breaking CGI if ever attempted for the screen. ...

But as a whole, Farscape #1 is everything that made Farscape a cult hit and fan favorite, successfully translated to a new medium. And the truly ominous last panel carries on one final, unforgettable and quintessentially Farscapean tradition: the cliffhanger.

Katie Riley of Comic Related:
This issue is a fan pleasing start that has the look and feel of the TV series. The characters resemble their real life counterparts, and the colors and mood recaptures the FARSCAPE setting. And for those of you who weren't FARSCAPE fans during the TV series run and don't understand what the buzz is about, this is a perfect opportunity to jump in!

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Andrea Speed of comiXtreme:
Ah, Farscape. Yes, I was a fan (big shock); I even own some of the DVDs. So I was happy to know there was a comic that would take off from where the final episode left off, with the surviving crew continuing traipsing through the universe onboard Moya. Even if you didn't watch this series or just completely forgot what happened in the last episode, the beginning of the issue catches you up nicely on the new status quo. The Scarran and the Peacekeepers have signed a peace treaty, and it seems it's a new, calm universe. (Oh really?) Everything seems par for the course with the crew: Rygel wants to go home and resume his position as Dominar; Chiana can't keep her hands off Jothee, who isn't sure he's happy being a love slave; Crichton seems happy with being a father and wants to settle down, but Aeryn is having a hard time adjusting to motherhood (no crap). ...

There's action, sex, exposition, and a bit of humor (not much, but I hold out hope for more). Pretty much everything you want in a Farscape episode. Color me happy.

Tonya Crawford of Broken Frontier:
Fans of the TV series should rejoice since this first issue picks up exactly where The Peacekeeper War leaves off. With series creator Rockne O’Bannon providing the story with Decandido scripting, all of the characters and situations feel right – an extension of the original series as if it had never stopped broadcasting. Actually better in some ways since they are no longer bound by the limits of budget and technology and so can craft even wilder and weirder aliens and their worlds now. ...

For those who have been missing John Crichton’s wild adventures in the alien universe there will be much happiness. O’Bannon and Decandido have perfectly recaptured that sense of place and those characters and transferred them into the print medium.

No doubt there will be more..........
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mare e-grets moose!

It's Christmas Eve. It's incredibly gunky outside, but I'm inside, so it's okay. I do have to go out later, though. *sigh*

Slept till 11, then spent a goodly amount of time looking for Farscape comics reviews. Yes, I am sad.

Tonight is the whole famn damily at my parents' house. It's a slightly smaller group this year: self and terri_osborne, the Forebearance (girasole, helgabee, bronxbob350, and the Infomancer), the Godmommy, the twin uncles, one of those uncle's girlfriend, and two cousins. There are nine cousins altogether, but we've only got three this year -- we usually have at least six. But one's in Florida with his Mom, two are in Atlanta with theirs (ah, the joys of divorce), and the remaining three (including the Cuz who lives in our building) are in Pennsylvania.

There will be hors d'oeuvres, there will be chicken soup, there will be lasagne, there will be wine, there will be other booze, there will be presents, there will be dessert and coffee, and there will be merriment -- lots and lots of merriment. As it should be. *nods*

Joyous tidings to you all!
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sing it with Pogo!

From the grandmaster of all comic strip artists, Walt Kelly:

Deck Us All with Boston Charlie
lyrics by Walt Kelly, music by Traditional (whoever he is)

Deck us all with Boston Charlie,
Walla Walla, Wash., an' Kalamazoo!
Nora's freezin' on the trolley,
Swaller dollar cauliflower alley-garoo!

Don't we know archaic barrel
Lullaby Lilla Boy, Louisville Lou?
Trolley Molly don't love Harold,
Boola boola Pensacoola hullabaloo!

Bark us all bow-wows of folly,
Polly wolly cracker 'n' too-da-loo!
Donkey Bonny brays a carol,
Antelope Cantaloupe, 'lope with you!

Hunky Dory's pop is lolly gaggin' on the wagon,
Willy, folly go through!
Chollie's collie barks at Barrow,
Harum scarum five alarm bung-a-loo!

Dunk us all in bowls of barley,
Hinky dinky dink an' polly voo!
Chilly Filly's name is Chollie,
Chollie Filly's jolly chilly view halloo!

Bark us all bow-wows of folly,
Double-bubble, toyland trouble! Woof, woof, woof!
Tizzy seas on melon collie!
Dibble-dabble, scribble-scrabble! Goof, goof, goof!

Tickle salty boss anchovie
Wash a wash a wall Anna Kangaroo
Ducky allus bows to Polly,
Prolly Wally would but har'ly do!

Dock us all a bowsprit, Solly --
Golly, Solly's cold and so's ol' Lou!

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wee krad, South Park Keith, South Park Keith #2

snurched from isis_lives

SUPPOSEDLY if you've seen over 85 films, you have no life. Mark the ones you've seen. There are 239 films on this list. Copy this list and make a post to your journal, marking the ones you have seen.

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My total is 108. Guess I don't have a life, which honestly comes as something of a relief................
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farscape comic

another review!

Dominik B of The Independent Comics Site has reviewed Farscape #1.

Money quote:
...the story itself is dripping with Farscapeism. It is pure Farscape, from the characters, to the story, to the humour and the design of things. You can almost hear the characters talk, that’s how spot on it is. ... Farscape is probably the best TV series made into comics I have seen so far.

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yes, another review..............

Dave Van Domelen a.k.a. dvandom has also reviewed Farscape #1 in his weekly roundup:

Boom!'s really going nuts on the licensed properties this quarter, Eureka #1 should be out soon as well. Series creator O'Bannon plotted the story out, and adaptation veteran Keith DeCandido provides the script. The art by Tommy Patterson is serviceable, the usual "get the faces right" sort of guy who gets work on licensed properties but isn't all that inspired an artist otherwise. On the other hand, KRAD's script pops, sparkles, whatever descriptors you care to toss around. It's good. Very good. And the story finally picks up one of the plot threads that's been Gilliganning since the very beginning of the series: returning Rygel to Hyneria. Which, naturally, goes really badly, as one would expect from anything this crew is involved with. Strongly recommended.

Thanks to querldox for the heads-up....
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