December 26th, 2008


what's coming in 2009

Thought I'd update folks on what's coming from me in 2009.

First off, there's Farscape comics. The first miniseries, scripted by me from a plot by Rockne S. O'Bannon with art by Tommy Patterson, and which has the subtitle of "The Beginning of the End of the Beginning," is in progress, with #1 having just been released this past Wednesday, and #2-4 due in January, February, and March. If all goes well, the next miniseries, Farscape: Strange Detractors, by Rock, self, and Will Sliney, will debut in March and proceed through April, May, and June. And there may be more in the Uncharted Territories beyond that, if all goes well. *happy dance* Each of these miniseries will also be collected into trade paperbacks.

Next, we've got Star Trek. In January, there'll be "Family Matters," a short story in the Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows anthology. In February, we've got A Singular Destiny, the followup to David Mack's epic Destiny trilogy. In April, IDW will publish the one-shot Alien Spotlight: Klingons, a story called "Four Thousand Throats..." written by me with art by JK Woodward. And then in the fall, Seven Deadly Sins is scheduled, which will have a novella called "The Unhappy Ones" by me, also focusing on the Klingons (representing the sin of wrath).

And then we have StarCraft. Volume 1 of the Ghost Academy manga should be in your hot little hands around the end of 2009, with Volumes 2 and 3 hot on its heels in 2010. I'm also hoping that the novel Spectres will be out in 2009, though I don't have confirmation on that one way or the other.

Finally, something I've been lax in mentioning is my latest contribution to BenBella's "Smart Pop" series, to wit, "Not Just a Pretty Face (Or Two)," the foreword to their essay collection on Supernatural entitled In the Hunt, which is due in March 2009.

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myriad universes

a new review of Myriad Universes

defcons_treklit has reviewed Star Trek: Myriad Universes: Echoes and Refractions for Unreality SF.

Money quote regarding A Gutted World:
Although the Deep Space Nine setting is the focal point of the difference in this story, Keith R.A. DeCandido easily interweaves all the different strings of twenty-fourth century Star Trek into the story. And without getting into much detail here, he certainly had great fun in playing with it without having to think about the long-term future or the silly thing called “canon”. Without a doubt, this is one of DeCandido’s darker works, but once again he proves his versatility. Where other authors often have problems with changing their style for the kind of story they want to tell he easily adapts without losing his “voice”. The story, which gives us a different take on a Dominion invasion of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, is interesting and never loses steam, despite the many characters and powers it portrays. Some of the cameos of known characters might feel a bit constructed (Quark for example), but in the end they’re all fun, so you can easily forgive that. Overall, a fun story, and easily the strongest in the book.

Yay me!
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