December 28th, 2008

farscape comic

a negative review

Proving that I'm an equal opportunity writer, I hereby present the two (out of five) star review of Farscape #1 by Greg McElhatton on Comic Book Resources.

Hey, at least he likes my script: "The one plus for the writing is that Keith R.A. DeCandido does have a good ear for character voices, and most of the scenes definitely ring true to the show, even some four years later."

Some of Greg's complaints are unwarranted, but it's impossible for him to know that by virtue of not knowing what I do, to wit, what happens in the next three issues. *wry grin* Besides which, Greg's a buddy of mine, and I appreciate his honesty.
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Farscape #1 in French!

The Comic Box is a site that reviews American comics, but 90% of their content is in French. Go fig'. Anyhow, they've got a review up of Farscape #1. Based on what I've been able to cobble together from high-school French and Yahoo!'s Babel Fish, it's a favorable review, made more impressive by the fact that reviewer Xavier Fournier isn't a big fan of space opera and has only seen a few episodes of the show....
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