December 31st, 2008


some more hints....

A couple three more hints (some of which I've already given in comments) for those participating in the guess-my-favorite-song-from-this-act meme, for the ones not yet guessed:

There are three distinct "periods" for Jethro Tull, to my mind: The Cool Early Years (1968-1979), which covers every release up to and including Heavy Horses (and the live album Bursting Out); The Weenie Synthesizer Years (1980-1988), which includes the relentlessly mediocre Stormwatch, A, The Broadsword and the Beast, and Under Wraps; and The Mature Recent Years (1989-present), which includes Crest of a Knave and everything else since. My favorite is from the Mature Recent Years. *grin*

The Arlo Guthrie song was done at what is probably his second-most-famous live performance.

The Who song is from The Who By Numbers.

The Beatles song is from Abbey Road.

The Austin Lounge Lizards song is from one of their CDs released in the 21st century.
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king julien

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

It's snowing!

I love snow..........

And I think it's about fucking time we had proper winter, though this whole let's-do-all-four-seasons-over-the-course-of-the-week is a silly goose.

Anyhow, I have a comics script to finish (I promised it to the editor by the new year, and I'm running out of time *laughs*), and since I've only written seven of the 22 pages.............
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chronic rift

vote in the Roundtable Awards!

One thing we did on The Chronic Rift back in the public access days was hold our own awards, which we called the Roundtable Awards, which were given out for excellence in the SF/F/comics field.

We're reviving it for the podcast and the ballot is now up and running. This is specifically for items released in its original form in the 2008 calendar year.

You can click on the above paragraph, or Collapse )

Send your nominees to John at ChronicRift dot com.
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a rare YouTube embedded video of my favorite version of "Kashmir"

I don't normally embed YouTube videos, but I am embedding this one. It's Lucia Micarelli joining Ian Anderson, some other Jethro Tull members, and an orchestra doing Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir." I saw Micarelli and the full Tull band do this in 2005 at Carnegie Hall. Thanks to elyssian for the link:

If anybody can get me an MP3 of this, I'll be eternally grateful and would owe that person, er, something.....
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Finished up to page 19 of the comics script. *sigh* Maybe I'll finish it before going to bed tonight.

Now, though, I must shower then go out and do NYE thingies.......
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