January 2nd, 2009


liamstliam did it, so why can't I?

Mind you, I've done it before, but it's been a while.

Reply to this post with a photo of yourself.

(That's me doing the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in September 2008. *grin*)
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looking back....

I gotta say, while there were some wonderful things in 2008 -- I made brown belt, my first comic-book work in almost a decade was published, the revival of The Chronic Rift, being one of George Takei's backup singers, the election of Barack Obama -- there were some parts that truly sucked the wet farts out of dead pigeons.

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Finally, rest in peace to those we lost in 2008: Forrest J Ackerman, Robert Lynn Asprin, Molly Bagnall, Carol Barnes, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, Jeremy Beadle, Christopher Bowman, William F. Buckley Jr., Aglis Budrys, Johnny Byrne, George Carlin, Johnnie Carr, Julius Carry, Cyd Charisse, Arthur C. Clarke, Alexander Courage, Michael Crichton, Sue Cunningham, Don S. Davis, Bo Diddley, Thomas M. Disch, Madelyn Dunham, William Elder, Dock Ellis, Danny Federici, W. Mark "Deep Throat" Felt, Bobby Fischer, George Francis, Steve Gerber, Estelle Getty, E. Gary Gygax, Isaac Hayes, Senator Jesse Helms, Charlton Heston, Sir Edmund Hillary, Tony Hillerman, Clive Hornby, Private James Hoyt, Robert H. Justman, Janet Kagan, Stanley Kamel, Ted Key, Eartha Kitt, Harvey Korman, Heath Ledger, Robert Legault, Humphrey Littleton, Mildred Loving, Bernie Mac, the Maharishi Maheshi Yogi, Miriam Makeba, Anthony Minghella, Jim Mooney, Barry Morse, Bobby Murcer, Paul Newman, Maila "Vampira" Nurmi, Odetta, Bettie Page, Geoffrey Perkins, Joseph Pevney, Harold Pinter, Suzanne Pleshette, Sydney Pollack, Brad Renfro, Tim Russert, Yves Saint Laurent, Roy Scheider, Paul Scofield, Tony Snow, Mark Speight, Kathy Staff, Dave Stevens, Bill Strauss, Brian M. Thomsen, Don Walsh, Donald Westlake, Joan Winston, Stan Winston, xnamkrad, and my good, dear friend, and the Boogie Knights' noble squire, Robbie Greenberger.

Here's to 2009!
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I revised my general Star Trek icon. It's now (clockwise from top left) Captain Kira Nerys of Deep Space 9 from the Tales from the Captain's Table cover (art by Mark Gerber), Lt. Commander Domenica Corsi of the U.S.S. da Vinci from the S.C.E.: Security eBook cover (art by Mike Collins), Ambassador Worf, son of Mogh, from the Next Generation: Diplomatic Implausibility cover (art by Sonia Hillios), and Captain James T. Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise from The Brave and the Bold Book 1 cover.
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Schott's Miscellany, 1 January 2009

New Year's Day

The Latin month Ianuarius derives from ianua ("door"), since it was the opening of the year. It was also associated with Janus, the two-faced Roman god of doors and openings who guarded the gates of heaven. Janus could simultaneously face the year just past and the year to come.

If January Calends be summerly gay, 'Twill be winterly weather till the calends of May.

Janiveer--Freeze the pot upon the fier.

He that will live another year, Must eat a hen in Januvere.

On the stock market, the January Effect is the trend of stocks peforming especially well that month.

ELOZABLE -- amenable to flattery
"Ben, like all writers, was highly elozable."
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some Trek book news

As reported on TrekMovie, Pocket Books editor Margaret Clark has made some announcements regarding the Trek line in the wake of the laying off of her cohort Marco Palmieri.

Here are the ones that matter to me:

Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows, A Singular Destiny, and Mere Anarchy are all on track to be released in January, February, and March, respectively. However, the Seven Deadly Sins anthology has been moved to March 2010 from its August 2009 slot, and the next Corps of Engineers omnibus, Out of the Cocoon, has been postponed to December 2010. This is a direct result of Marco's being laid off, and Margaret suddenly having half the line dumped on her without warning. Something had to give, and it was easier to move trade paperbacks like 7DS and OotC (also moved to '10 is the third Myriad Universes volume, which will have short "what if?" novels by David R. George III, Steve Mollmann & Michael Schuster, and Scott Pearson).

And yes, this means the next CoE compilation (What's Past) won't be until 2011 at the earliest. Just see it as another reason to just go ahead and buy the eBooks. *grin*
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farscape comic

I made somebody's day

Today when I was running errands, including feeding and checking up on suricattus's cats (they're fine, BTW, though Boomer puts our vacuum cleaner to shame....), I stopped by the local comic book store. They had two copies left of Farscape #1 on the shelf, and I signed both of them. The manager mentioned that he had three copies (one of each cover) in one regular's pull-list, so I signed those, too, and personalized them. Ain't he gonna be surprised... *grin*

When each issue comes out, I'll make sure to sign the stock when it comes in. May as well help out the local bidness.........
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alien spotlight

I love my job....

I have JPEGs of seven of the 22 pages of JK Woodward's artwork for Star Trek: Alien Spotlight: Klingons, and you don't. *cheeky grin*

Man, this issue is gonna be gorgeous!!!!!
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