January 6th, 2009

prague, tainted love

2009 is already better!

There is very very very very good news. As soon as the go-ahead to say what the news is arrives, I will say so (and I won't be the only one).

That is all.
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Schott's Miscellany 5 January 2009

Twelfth Night


Professor Trevor Cox, an acoustics expert at Salford University, spent a year researching the world's worst sounds. Cox posted clips of 34 objectionable noises online, which were rated by 1.1mil visitors. In 2007, the sounds voted most unpleasant were:

1. vomiting
2. microphone feedback
3. wailing babies
4. train wheels scraping on tracks
5. a squeaky seesaw
6. badly played violin
7. whoopee cushion
8. an argument in a soap opera
9. the hum of electricity
10. a Tasmanian devil's scream

DRIGGLE-DRAGGLE -- slovenly clothing
"She insisted in dressing in hand-me-down driggle-draggle."
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the KRAD stalker's guide for 2009

Here's a tentative list of where I'm likely to be showing up in public in 2009. This list is subject to change for no compellingly good reason.

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my sweetie's writing a novel!

The good news I was hinting at coyly in this earlier post can now be revealed!

terri_osborne's proposal for a Stargate: Atlantis novel has been approved by both Fandemonium (the publisher) and MGM (the licensor), and said novel, Portals of Discovery, is scheduled to be published in 2010. The manuscript's due 15 June 2009.

This is Terri's first full-length novel (her two-part Star Trek: Corps of Engineers eBook Remembrance of Things Past was 51,000 words, which is strictly speaking novel-length), and I couldn't possibly be more proud. *beams*

Portals... will be the memoirs that Dr. Elizabeth Weir was seen writing in the SGA episode "The Return Part 1."

Yay, Terri! Go congratulate her directly here.......................

(This is also why I've been up since 6.15. Fandemonium is a British publisher, so news from them tends to come first thing in the morning, and Terri, naturally, woke me up with the news.)
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farscape comic

I'm holding it in my hands

Well, not this second, as I'm typing, but I finally have my contributors' copies of Farscape #1. Me am happy writer! *bounce bounce*

(I also got a royalty check, which makes me even happier. It's only a hundred bucks, but it beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick....)
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quote of the day

"And in a village in Texas there is much re-joicing, as at long last, their idiot is returning to them."

---sig line of a poster on the Trek BBS with the user ID of "Turtletrekker"
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prague, tainted love

happy birthday to me!

The month of April is shaping up nicely -- it looks like I'll have three comic books out that month: the second issue of Farscape: Strange Detractors, the Star Trek: Alien Spotlight: Klingons one-shot, and the first issue of the Comic Book That Shall Not Be Named (at least until the next Previews comes out). All in time for me to turn 40. *grin*
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