January 11th, 2009


Schott's Miscellany 10 January 2009

The first oil gusher blew out at Spindletop, Beaumont, Texas (1901)


ONLY A BABY: Kissed and caressed, Gently held to a mother's breast.
ONLY A CHILD: Toddling along, Brightening now its happy home.
ONLY A BOY: Trudging to school. Governed now by a sterner rule.
ONLY A YOUTH: Living in dreams, Full of promise life now seems.
ONLY A MAN: Battling with life, Shared in now by a loving wife.
ONLY A FATHER: Burdened with care, Silver threads in dark-brown hair.
ONLY A GRAYBEARD: Toddling again, Growing old and full of pain.
ONLY A MOUND: O'ergrown with grass, Dreaems unrealized--rest at last.

---Anonymous, Boston Traveller, c.1899

The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.
William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
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NYY, melky

wow, are the Royals dumb....

As Rob Neyer reports on ESPN, the Kansas City Royals have now committed $11.4 million to Kyle Farnsworth, Mike Jacobs, Horacio Ramirez, and Willie Bloomquist.

This, right here, is -- pursuant to the conversation that ensued in comments to this LJ post of mine from the other day -- why having and spending money isn't enough -- you have to spend it wisely. As Neyer says, "For $11.4 million you can actually get a good player." As someone named Jim said on the Baseball Primer Newsblog's story on the Bloomquist signing:

This is flat out retarded. If you can't find a Willie Bloomquist clone in your minor league system you aren't looking hard enough. There have to be middle-infielder types floating around that can "play" the OF, hit for crap and suck up a roster spot for $400,000. There is no need to pay a premium for this type of "production".

Egads, I am sure glad I am not a fan of this team.


(Of course, Seattle Mariners fans -- who have had the Bloomquist albatross stuck on their roster for what seems like millennia now, must be dancing a jig....)
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quote of the day

"Speak of the devil, and in he waddles!"

---me, on Marcus, about whom terri_osborne and I were talking, and then he came meandering in from the bedroom to the kitchen
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chronic rift

episode 7 of The Chronic Rift is up and running

The seventh episode of The Chronic Rift podcast has gone live. It's one of our Roundtable episodes, and it's entitled, "Dude, Where's My Flying Car?" Cohosts Judy Furnari (a high school teacher), Orenthal Hawkins, and Jay Smith are joined by podcaster Louis Trapani to discuss the predictions SF authors have made about their future/our present.

In addition, Jay Smith's "My Guilty Pleasure" looks at Who Wants to be a Superhero?

You can download the episode from iTunes, from podOmatic, or directly from the Rift web site.
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