January 21st, 2009


the White House staff

As rosenhaus pointed out, there's a goodly number of Jews in the Obama Administration. The chief of staff, senior advisor to the president, the veep's COS, two economic advisors, the treasury secretary, and the head of budget are all Jewish.

President Obama isn't forming a Cabinet, he's forming a minyan..........
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farscape comic

more reviews!

Found two more reviews in the blogosphere and one more in a magazine of Farscape #1. The magazine review, from Dave Golder in SFX #179, was less than favorable ("Good Farscape, but a dren comic"), and doesn't even acknowledge my contribution, but the blog reviews were more enthusiastic.

Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews reviewed the comic last week. Money quote:
Overall, Farscape #1 offered me a pleasant reading and the same enjoyable time as the TV series. I’m certain that the rest of the series will not disappoint me and it will make me feel as the first issue did.

James Ashelford also reviewed it earlier this week on his "A Less Than Reputable Source" blog (subtitled "by The Man With No Aim"). Inexplicably, he is also a fan of my work.

Money quote:
As to the characters themselves, deCandido’s script does a great job of capturing the actor’s voices ... Rygel is pompous and far too sure of himself, Aeryn is majestic, Crichton’s unique mix of wit and confusion pervades all, Noranti’s bananas, Chiana appears naked as often as not and Pilot can hardly bring himself to call Crichton “John”.
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me on Bookgasm

My buddy Paul Kupperberg devoted his latest "Capes, Cowls, and Costumes" column on the Bookgasm site to...

Well, here's Paul's intro:
I thought for the first installment of 2009, we might try something a little different (and slightly longer). Rather than reviewing novels that they may have written, I’ve asked my colleagues in the 150ish-member strong International Association of Media Tie-In Writers to answer a couple of questions about the characters and books they would like to write, as well as to share some of their wackiest experiences dealing with unreasonable or just plan dumb editors and licensors (with names changed to protect the innocent … and the likelihood of these guys ever getting work from those same dummies again).

He got answers from me, as well as Richard Lee Byers, Greg Cox, Russell Davis, Matt Forbeck, Robert Greenberger David Mack, Jeff Mariotte, Yvonne Navarro, David Seidman, James Swallow, Brandie Tarvin, and J. Steven York.

Check it out!
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another Shards and Shadows review

TrekMovie split Father Robert Lyons's review of Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows into two parts. Part 1 ran on 9 January and covered the Enterprise, TOS, and pre-TNG eras.

Today, Part 2 was posted, covering the TNG, DS9, and Voyager (and beyond) eras, including my own story "Family Matters."

Money quote:
Damn fine stuff, as usual, from the Klingon Master, Keith R.A. DeCandido in his tale Family Matters. He’s taken the usual Gorkon/Klingon Empire series suspects and tossed them into the ‘Land of the Goatee’ to provide us with a unique look at corruption within the Alliance, and in the heart of one of the noble houses of the Klingon Empire. Abandoning traditional prose, DeCandido weaves this story of setup, betrayal, and advancement through a series of communiqués, transcripts, and personal correspondences to give a unique story with a unique view of the inner workings of the Klingon High Council, and Alliance politics in general. Pay close attention… this story moves by fast, and a lot of interesting and fulfilling details can be missed if one reads it too fast.
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Schott's Miscellany 20 January 2009

John F. Kennedy was sworn in as the youngest US president (1961)


The term megacity is used by the UN for cities or metropolitan areas with >10 million people. Below are the largest megacities (2003), with their estimated 2015 populations:
Megacitycountrypop. 2003 (mil)est. pop. 2015
New YorkUSA21.222.8
Seoul-InchonSouth Korea20.324.7
Mexico CityMexico18.720.6
São PauloBrazil17.920.0
Los AngelesUSA16.417.6
Manila-Quezon CityPhilippines13.916.8

Style, like sheer silk, too often hides eczema.
Albert Camus (1913-60)
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why TrekMovie vexes me

It's not the site itself. TrekMovie is a very well put together site that, its name notwithstanding, covers the entirety of the Trek milieu, and does so quite well. I don't agree with everything they do and say, but that's to be expected.

No, what vexes me is the comments -- specifically that a review of Shards and Shadows posted this morning can only manage to scrape together seven comments, as of this writing, while a news story about Star Trek Barbie figures posted late this afternoon has already gotten 100 comments.

I weep for humanity sometimes....
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