March 5th, 2009


first Farscape #3 review!

From Dave Van Domelen in his weekly roundup for 4 March:
This issue is all about how expectations can really ruin your day. Crichton's reputation for doing the impossible *makes it* impossible for him to convince anyone he just stumbled into the situation, while Rygel's reputation as a useless dictator ruins the day of everyone opposing him. :) DeCandido's script continues to be really good, and the story by O'Bannon is paced pretty well and seems likely to have a reasonably solid resolution next issue. Strongly recommended.
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second Farscape #3 review!

From "Manic" on, another very nice review of the third issue.

Money quote:
Somehow, four issues doesn’t feel like enough. Farscape was a series that only got stronger as it continued, and became more engrossing as it played with more plot threads. This is the penultimate issue of this limited series, and it feels like they’ve set up too much to conclude in one final issue.

That said, this was still a very good issue. This is one of those times when Rygel gets to shine, and this comics gets the opportunity to do a few things that I imagine the TV series wouldn’t have done...

I also may have said this last month, but the writers (who also created and wrote for the old TV series) capture the characters’ voices perfectly.
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Schott's Miscellany 4 March 2009

The first photographic reproduction in a newspaper appeared in the New York Daily Graphic (1880)


Gaffer: senior electrician who sets up lighting
Best boy: head electrician responsible for set power; reports to gaffer
Electrician: member of the electrical crew; reports to the best boy
Grip: stagehand responsible for moving and setting up equipment
Key grip: the head of the grips
Best boy grip: assistant to the key grip
Dolly* grip: prepares and operates the camera dolly
Craft services**: provides refreshment for cast and crew
Foley artist: sound-effects artist who matches sounds to visuals
Wrangler: handles any animals used in the film

* The dolly is a moving platform on which the camera is mounted for tracking shots.
** Some craft services vie for the most inventive name--one of the best goes by the name Cecil B. deMeals.

Silence is the safest policy for the man who distrusts himself.
Duc de la Rochefoucauld (1613-80)
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