March 24th, 2009

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buy my books (addendum)!

At Lunacon this weekend, I noticed that I have copies of Distant Shores, the Star Trek: Voyager tenth-anniversary anthology that I have the story "Letting Go" in (and which also has an excellent epistolary tale of the EMH by terri_osborne titled "Eighteen Minutes," plus stories by jmswallow, Jeffrey Lang, Kirsten Beyer, Heather Jarman, bob_j, Christopher L. Bennett, kimsheard, Ilsa J. Bick, Geoffrey Thorne, and bob_greenberger) available also. This in addition to dozens more of my books that you can get from me. Click on this sentence for more.
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Schott's Miscellany 23 March 2009

The first successful photograph of the moon was taken by Dr. J.W. Draper of New York (1840)


Stendhal Syndrome is a malady in which travelers are "overcome" after viewing art of great beauty. It was first identified in the late 1970s by Italian psychiatrist Graziella Magherini. Sufferers experience disorientation, dizziness, palpitations, sweating, and a sense of alienation or paranoia; symptoms can last for two to eight days, and cures include bed rest and a return to routine. The putative illness is named after the French writer (born Marie-Henri Beyle), who (as he noted in his diary) felt such "ecstasy" upon viewing the frescoes in Florence's Church of Santa Croce that his heart began to beat irregularly and he felt life "ebbing out" of him. Since 1979, Dr. Magherini has treated over 100 cases of the syndrome in Florence alone.

MORTIDO--the death instinct or tendency to self-destruction
"Reality TV tends to stimulate one's latent mortido."
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Tuesday's dead

Just so everyone knows, I haven't been keeping up with LJ in over a week, and I'm not about to go wading through the backlog, so if you've posted anything you're dying for me to read since Friday the 13th of March, please let me know here.

Goal for today is to work on Ghost Academy and go to karate class tonight. We'll see how that goes....
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myriad universes

I'm #4!

The polls have closed over at Unreality SF for their Story of the Year, and I'm pleased to announce that A Gutted World came in fourth.

The winner was infinitydog for the excellent first book in the Destiny trilogy, Gods of Night, and also finishing ahead of me were two Doctor Who tales, Lance Parkin's excellent novel The Eyeless and terri_osborne's equally excellent short story "Good Queen, Bad Queen, I Queen, You Queen" from The Quality of Leadership.

It was quite the contest, as only 23 votes separated the first place winner from the fifth place winner (Christopher L. Bennett's TNG novel Greater than the Sum), and Terri only came in third by one vote.

Anyhow, thanks to all 246 people who voted for me. *grin*
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