April 1st, 2009


the Haggadah on Facebook

"Moses is Departing Egypt: A Facebook Haggadah."

The intro:
The Passover Seder, the oldest continuously observed religious ceremony in the world, tells the story of the Jews' Exodus from Egypt. Jewish tradition says that people of each generation must imagine that they personally had departed from Egypt, and the sages say that each generation must tell the story in its own terms.

The sages probably did not intend this.

Very very funny stuff. Thanks to scarlettina for the link....
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Schott's Miscellany 31 March 2009

The "Hays Code" was written and adopted by Hollywood (1930)


Each Oscar stands 13.5 inches high, weight 8.5 pounds, and is made from bronze coated with 24-carat gold. It was designed by MGM's chief art director Cedric Gibbons and depics a knight with a crusader's sword. The figure stands on a reel of film with five spokes representing the original branches of the Academy: actors, writers, directors, producers, and technicians. From 1949, the statuettes began to be numbered starting, arbitrarily, at 501. During World War II, as part of the war effort to save metal, the statues were made from plaster; these were swapped for golden models after the conflict ended. No one really knows why the awards were nicknamed Oscar--one suggestion is that the Academy's librarian, Margaret Herrick, noted that the statuette looked like her Uncle Oscar, and the name stuck.

The physician can bury his mistakes, but the architect can only advise his client to plant vines.
Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959)
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strange detractors


Between lunch and the evening, I got the first 11.5 pages of Farscape: Strange Detractors #4 scripted yesterday. The plan is to finish it today. So far, we've got one character falling ass over teakettle, another throwing up, and another bleeding from a chest wound. And Crichton saying: "Y'know, every time I think I've seen it all, something new comes around and kicks me in the butt."
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alien spotlight

today begins KRAD KOMIX MONTH!

April 2009 is a momentous month here in KRADland, as I have, not one, not two, not three, but FOUR comic books being released in this calendar month!

The first is out today: Farscape #4, which concludes the arc entitled "The Beginning of the End of the Beginning," as Rygel takes another shot at his throne while the crew of Moya have to deal with a nasty invader. The status quo does not remain intact at the end of this miniseries. *big evil grin* Plot by Farscape creator Rockne S. O'Bannon, script by me, art by Tommy Patterson, colors by Andrew Dalhouse, letters by Ed Dukshire, and covers by Joe Corroney (Aeryn) and Dennis Calero (Crichton). BOOM! Studios, $3.99.

Also coming this month is the first issue of the next story arc, Farscape: Strange Detractors #1. The gang heads to a commerce planet to resupply, and things go horribly awry -- 'cause, y'know, duh. Plot again by Rockne, script again by me, colors again by Andrew, letters again by Ed, covers again by Joe (Crichton, Pilot, Aeryn) and Dennis ("Leave it to Rygel"), but art now by Will Sliney. BOOM! Studios, $3.99.

This month also debuts the first side miniseries, Farscape: D'Argo's Lament #1. Flashing back to the third season (between "Revenging Angel" and "Fractures"), this is an adventure of Ka D'Argo, along with Jool, back when both were still alive. Moya needs an exotic substance to survive, and D'Argo and Jool head off in the former's newly tamed Luxan vessel (eventually named Lo'La) to track it down. Written by me all by my lonesome, with art by Neil Edwards, colors and letters by Andrew & Ed, and covers by Michael DiPascale (planet) and Will Sliney (Moya). BOOM! Studios, $3.99.

Finally, we have my first contribution to the new Star Trek comics, also the latest Alien Spotlight one-shot. To no one's surprise, it focuses on the Klingons. "Four thousand throats may be cut in a single night by a running man," goes the old Klingon saying. The Dahar master Kang, at three different points in his life, tells three different stories with that saying as its moral. Written by me, with AMAZING art and color by JK Woodward (he uses a different art style for each of Kang's three tales), letters by Robbie Robins, cover by David A. Williams (with color by Moose Baumann). IDW, $3.99.
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farscape comic

another review of Farscape #4

With today's release of Farscape #4 comes a live-blog-style review by Stars on the WatchFarscape web site.

Money quote:
The last two pages especially, brings the first Farscape comic story arc to a satisfying, and utterly right-feeling, conclusion. With no disintegrations!

(Oh, and Stars? "Hynerian Rhapsody" was my title. In fact, it's what I suggested as the title for the entire miniseries, but wiser heads prevailed....)
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