April 5th, 2009

singular destiny

annotations for A Singular Destiny are now available

I have completed annotations for Star Trek: A Singular Destiny.

Be warned that there are spoilers galore in these annotations, which explain the various references, both obvious and arcane, remind you where you saw that character before, tell you where the songs came from, and other neat stuff. Not necessary to appreciate the book, but a nice supplement.

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Schott's Miscellany 4 April 2009

Twelve countries signed the North Atlantic Treaty and thereby created NATO (1949)


First a daughter, then a son,
The world is well begun.
First a son, then a daughter,
Trouble follows after.


In the misfortune of our best friends, we always find something which is not displeasing to us.
Duk de la Rouchefoucauls (1613-80)
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supernatural, nevermore

my Sunday feeling

Haven't done much of anything the past couple of days beyond the A Singular Destiny annotations (including not responding yet to a bunch of e-mails I really need to reply to, and not yet doing some Chronic Rift stuff I need to do when I'm conscious), but I did watch the latest Supernatural episode, finally: "The Monster at the End of This Book" may be the single funniest hour of television ever produced. Perfectly nailed fandom in every possible sense, not to mention the writing process, and still managed to advance the overall arc. I have to admit, when they pulled the books out of the bargain bin in the comic shop, I had a moment of fear that they were going to use copies of Nevermore, Witch's Canyon, and Bone Key for props. *laughs*

Off to nap for a bit before dinner with Paul Simpson of the Star Trek magazine.
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alien spotlight

preview of Alien Spotlight: Klingons

Here's sneak peek at text-free art by JK Woodward from three of the pages from Star Trek: Alien Spotlight: Klingons. Each page is from one of the stories told by Kang in the issue, which is why each is in a different art style.

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