April 10th, 2009

prague, tainted love

she rides!

A very nice Genius Bar fella named Elion (really!) has just provided me with a working iPhone!

It's a miracle!!!!!

Heading back home now.....
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louiseroho in her infinite silliness decided to make me an animated GIF that proves once and for all that Fozzie Bear and I were separated at birth............................

("It's a bear in his natural habitat--a Studebaker!")
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farscape comic

two more reviews of Farscape #4

Alex C. Lupp did a "Line of Fire" review of the issue at Comics Bulletin.

Money quote:
If ... you’re a fan of the show, or like me have a basic understanding of who is who, then this is quite a treat. It was surprising to see just how good this was. I found myself reading this book eagerly and have suddenly decided to track down the show’s four seasons and watch it all. To me that is a job well done.

Also the good folks at the Comics And... blog have listed #4 as one of the best comics released on 1 April.

Money quote:
This was a great “episode” of the TV series as we see the crew's plan come together and Collapse ) As with any good episode we also laid come groundwork for dangers to come with the mysterious person chasing John and Aeryn’s son, their son exhibiting some powers and Aeryn learning it is okay to be herself and still be a mom.
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singular destiny

a nice review of A Singular Destiny

entil2001 has reviewed Star Trek: A Singular Destiny for his "Critical Myth-Interpretation" blog.

Money quote:
This is very similar to “Articles of the Federation” in style, and that was a definitely “love it or hate it” novel. I, for one, loved that book, so the similarities were much appreciated. I’m a sucker for character, so after a massive trilogy focused mostly on plot and continuity, a character-driven novel hit the spot.
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Schott's Miscellany 9 April 2009



In March 2005, Sport England officially classified darts as a sport on the grounds that: it is played by thousands of people across the country; it is contested both nationally and internationally; and it requires both physical and mental skills.

I get fed up of the snobbery. I do. It does wear you down. All over the world, China, Japan, coast to coast across America, they see this for what it is: a sport. How I'd love to stick two fingers up to all those who knocked us. I'm World Champion, but people say I'm not a sportsman. Ridiculous. All you've got up there is your hand, your eye, and your brain. There's no hiding behind a bat, or a car, or a racket.

---Phil "The Power" Taylor, 12-time World Darts Champion

There is no virtue like necessity.
William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
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