April 11th, 2009

d'argo's lament

busy Friday....

If you count Friday as actually starting at midnight last night -- which I normally don't, but it makes the post more entertaining -- the day started with my getting my iPhone finally fixed after two days. Then I was up until 4am coming home from midtown, doing Census work (which I did both on the subway and at home), and restoring the settings on my iPhone (which took forever), then waiting for the Census handheld to transmit my work (which it wouldn't do).

I woke up around 10.45 or so. The handheld then worked (eureka!). Today I revised Chapter 3 of StarCraft: Ghost Academy Volume 1, had lunch with louiseroho (in town for Passover), and did the page-by-page breakdown for the next O'Bannon-and-DeCandido Extravaganza Farscape miniseries after Strange Detractors. I had to skip a fighting class at one of the other affiliated dojos tonight due to the overwhelming amounts of work. (Oh, and I fucked up something I was supposed to do for a friend. Sigh. One day I hope to not be an asshole. Sigh again.)

Tomorrow is some Census work, karate, and cleaning my office (which oh-so-desperately needs it). Sunday is Easter with Da Family, as well as more Census work. Next week needs to include scripting D'Argo's Lament #4, scripting Chapter 4 of Ghost Academy, and working on a proposal for a tie-in series that I promised to have done ages ago. Oh, and more Census work.

Yeah. Gonna be a fun birthday week. (My 40th birthday is a week from tomorrow, the 18th.)
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Schott's Miscellany 10 April 2009

Good Friday


The Republic of Cyprus announced in February 2006 that the cyclamen (Cyclamen cyprium) had been chosen as the national plant, and the golden aok (Quercus alnifolia) the national tree. The choice was hampered by stipulations that the symbols be native to the island and not be used by another country. Whereas the golden oak was an easy choice (the only other indigenous tree is the cedar, which is the symbol of Lebanon), Cypriot officials took 15 years to choose the cyclamen from a list of 140 native plants. Both will not be used to promote tourism and the environment.

No man is good enough to govern another man without that other's consent.
Abraham Lincoln (1809-65)
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the world's most blasphemous comic strip...

...and, of course, it appeared in National Lampoon in the 1970s.

Behold "Son O'God," the comic strip from Sean Kelly, Michel Choquette, and Neal Adams. When nebbishly Brooklyn nudnik Bennie David says, "Jesus Christ!" he transforms into Our Lord and Savior, fighting such evils as the Antichrist, the Pope, and the Scarlet Woman of Babylon.

Hilarious stuff. Do check it out on "Dial B for Blog," which also provides the history of the strip.

Thanks to the good folks at ComicMix for the link.
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rex, rome, primeval

busy busy

Spent the morning doing some Census work. There's more to do tomorrow, but the hardest part of this particular assignment is done. Then I came home, slept for a bit, and then started cleaning my office. It's not all there yet, but it's better than it was, which was the important part. Also watched some of the Yankee game as well as the new Primeval and the latest Doctor Who special, about which I'll say more later. (I also need to post my thoughts on Watchmen....)

Gonna decompress for a while now..........
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