April 18th, 2009


let me see you!

For my birthday I want folks to post pictures of themselves. I want to see what folks look like. *grin*

I'll even do one of my own:

Post away!
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penguin4, party

I say it's my birthday!

On this day in 1969, I was born.

On this day in 2009, I turn 40. That's, erm, today.

Plans for the day including searching for my cane, bitching about how things were better in my day, and yelling at those kids to get off my lawn.
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Schott's Miscellany 17 April 2009

U.S.-backed Cuban exiles invaded the Bay of Pigs (1961)


When asked how he found the time to write books, Archbishop Michael Ramsey (1904-88) is said to have replied: "Monday, a quarter of an hour; Tuesday, 10 minutes; Wednesday, rather better, half an hour; Thursday, not very good but 10 minutes; Friday, a lull, an hour; Saturday, half an hour."

Histories are more full of examples of the fidelity of dogs than of friends.
Alexander Pope (1688-1744)
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strange detractors

a review and a shout-out

Sarah at "The Quarter Bin" wrote a very nice review of Farscape: Strange Detractors #1.

Money quote:
I have to admit, I knew absolutely nothing about the Farscape universe coming into this book. I knew that it used to be a TV show on the Sci-Fi network, and that it had enough fans to develop something of a following. However, I didn’t know anything about the actual history, the story, or the characters. I wasn’t sure that I would be able to get into Farscape: Strange Detractors #1 without this knowledge, but it turned out to not be an issue.

Also Jill Rayburn at Roddenberry.com gave a nice shout-out to Star Trek: Alien Spotlight: Klingons in her comics news blog.
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farscape comic

review of the Farscape comic

A review of all four issues of the first Farscape miniseries by Saurav Mohapatra at the Comics Waiting Room.

He didn't entirely like it, but he did, at least, like my scripting. *grin*

Money quote:
The greatest asset of F:BEB is the preservation of the cantankerous camaraderie amongst the characters and the lively banter. I guess O’Bannon helming the plot helped achieve a sense of continuity there. DeCandido’s script sticks to what made the TV series tick.
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it's all happening at the zoo....

I spent my 40th birthday with family at the Bronx Zoo, then we went to dinner at a favorite Italian place, then back to the parents' for birthday cake and presents. I was joined by the Forebearance -- girasole, helgabee, bronxbob350, and the Infomancer -- as well as the Godmommy, suricattus, and, of course, terri_osborne.

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In addition, the Infomancer took some pics of his own.

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The entire day was WONDERFUL, exactly what I was hoping for. Terri and I hadn't yet gotten to the new Madagascar exhibit, so getting to see that was a treat, and we hit many favorite spots besides that: Tiger Mountain, the sea lions, the penguins (both of those last two right at feeding time, too!), World of Birds, World of Darkness, World of Reptiles, the polar bears, the brown bears, and the bison.

(BTW, suricattus took some pictures of her own..............)

Then to one of our favorite restaurants for a phenomenal dinner, then a most magnificent cake.

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The day was everything I was hoping for. Me am happy 40-year-old. *grin*
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