April 19th, 2009


Schott's Miscellany 18 April 2009

The world's first launderette opened in Fort Worth, Texas; it was called "Washeateria" (1934)


What is creation?A failure
What is life?A bore
What is man?A fraud
What is woman?A fraud and a bore
What is beauty?A fraud
What is love?A disease
What is marriage?A mistake
What is a wife?A trial
What is a child?A nuisance
What is the devil?A fable
What is good?Hypocrisy
What is evil?Detection
What is wisdom?Selfishness
What is happiness?A delusion
What is friendship?Humbug
What is generosity?Imbecility
What is money?Everything
And what is everything?Nothing

Were we, perhaps, not happier when we were monkeys?

---attributed to London Truth, by Edward Ward in The Scrap Book, 1899

The rain it raineth on the just and also on the unjust fella; but chiefly on the just, because the unjust steals the just's umbrella.
Sam Ervin (1896-1985)
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the "Let's Rebuild Len Wein's Comic Book Collection" Project

As some of you may know, the house of longtime comics and TV writer and all-around spiffy person Len Wein and lawyer/photographer/just-as-all-around-spiffy person Christine Valada burned down recently. They lost their beloved dog, and many of their belongings. The dog is irreplaceable, but Mark Evanier has started up a project to help restore some of those belongings. Click here for the specifics.

I'm gonna need to dig through the garage..................
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strange detractors

two more Strange Detractors reviews

Y'know, a lot more people review comics on the web than they do tie-in novels. Just sayin'... *laughs*

Andrea Speed at comiXtreme still generally likes what we're doing, giving Farscape: Strange Detractors #1 a 3.5/5.

Money quote:
Story gets points off for a certain predictability, but the '50's sitcom start was a nice touch.

Also, Timelord at Cosmic Book News did a nice spoiler-free review of F:SD #1. (I did an interview with CBN last month.)

Money quote:
Suffice it to say, the writing is solid; and the art and coloring are satisfying. If you’re a fan of the TV series and, like me, have been missing it since it was cancelled; you’ll enjoy this mini-series.
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my Sunday feeling

Trying to get my ducks in a row, which works about as well as you'd expect when you try to get actual waterfowl into a straight line....

Did some maintenance on the computer -- defragging, deleting unnecessary files (especially unnecessary big ones), doing a more intensive virus and spyware scan than the usual background scan it does every week -- in the hopes of getting it to speed up a bit. (The computer is old and tired and needs to be replaced, but that maintenance needed to be done too, and there is a bit of a difference....)

One difference between writing mostly novels plus the occasional small thing is that it's easy to schedule. Everything's built around the novel deadlines, and you fit in the small things as you can.

But right now, I have only one novel in the hopper -- StarCraft: Ghost: Spectres -- which isn't due until early September, and which is about 75% done, and which I can wait on the remaining 25% for a bit. Everything else I've got is either small stuff (comic books, short fiction) or proposals, and there's a lot of them. So I had to sit with my Master File of Authorial Shit and prioritize.

The rest of the day -- up until 9pm, when Law & Order: Criminal Intent and In Plain Sight have their premieres, at which point, to the TV I shall be glued -- will be spent jamming on StarCraft: Ghost Academy Volume 1 Chapters 4-5.
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