May 3rd, 2009

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Jack Kemp, RIP

Former Congressman, former vice-presidential candidate, and former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jack Kemp died at 73 after a long illness, presumably related to the cancer he was diagnosed with some time prior to January of this year.

A self-described "bleeding heart conservative," he was, basically, a good person -- as President G.H.W. Bush's HUD secretary, he wasn't half-bad -- though his economic policies were ludicrous. Still, he will be missed.

*raises glass*
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the new Republican Party, or, self-awareness--you're doing it wrong

On Saturday, members of the Republican Party gathered in a northern Virginia restaurant for the first of a series of Town Hall meetings in an endeavor to get their groove back. It's an admirable goal, given how far from the top the party has fallen thanks to the disaster that was the Bush Administration. The American people have certainly made their voices heard, particularly in the 2006 and 2008 elections, and now even Arlen Specter's jumping ship.

However, as bill_leisner pointed out in this post, Mitt Romney at one point made this hilarious statement:
Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney compared the GOP to Americans fighting the British during the Revolutionary War. "We are the party of the revolutionaries, they [Democrats] are the party of the monarchists," he told the overwhelmingly Republican crowd, saying the Republicans needed to "once again lead the American Revolution."

Let's examine this, shall we? The current head of the Democratic Party is a mixed-race man raised by his grandmother on food stamps. He won the presidency by beating a born-wealthy Republican who was legacied into Annapolis thanks to his admiral father and admiral grandfather. Romney uttered this howler during his speech, which was right after the speech given by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, brother of former President George W. Bush, son of former President George H.W. Bush, grandson of Senator Prescott Bush, and distant cousin of former President Franklin Pierce (thanks to Bill for that extra bit of genealogy).

But Democrats are the monarchists. Right.
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Schott's Miscellany 2 May 2009

Nelson Mandela won South Africa's first free elections (1994)


Dog Days are the hot, muggy days of sultry summer, associated by the Romans (dies caniculares) with the influence of the dog star, Sirius, which is high in the sky during summer days. Dog days are said to last for "more than one month but less than two," from July until early September.

If you watch a game, it's fun. If you play it, it's recreation. If you work at it, it's golf.
Bob Hope (1903-2003)
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Wounds review

defcons_treklit has reviewed Star Trek: Corps of Engineers: Wounds for the Unreality SF site.

Money quote on Security:
This is another Corsi-heavy story, and like Malefictorum it adds quite a lot to her character. ... [The story] pretty much reveals most of the mysteries surrounding the da Vinci's security chief, though, and her coming clean to Stevens sets the stage for some potential character development for her in my opinion. Overall another good story.

He gave Security a 75% rating.
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my Sunday feeling

Still feel like shit. The emotional turmoil of this week combined with the continued recovering from the flu (yo, suricattus! this is definitely what you had....) has been kicking my ass all over the place.

terri_osborne started moving stuff out of her office that I may convert it to my bedroom/office. With luck, she'll get most of it out today, and then I can spend the week putting stuff in. I have measured everything to make sure it'll all fit (it will, with room to spare), and I think it'll actually be a nice space to live in.

We had a long chat last night that was, I think, good for both of us. This is what neither of us wants, but it's what we both need. We're kinda awkward around each other right now, at least some of the time, and it's going to take a while to adjust to the new paradigm.

But we're managing. Thanks to everyone who's sent good wishes. It's appreciated.
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upcoming conventions

A bit of a stalker's update.....

22nd-25th--Balticon 43 in Hunt Valley, Maryland: I'll only be attending this on Sunday in percussionist mode, being there for the Boogie Knights concert Sunday evening. (And it's also assuming finances permit...)

19th-21st--Heroes Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina: I'll be spending the lion's share of my time at this comics convention at the BOOM! Studios booth, hawking Farscape comics.

10th-12th--Shore Leave 31 in Hunt Valley, Maryland: As usual, I'll be at Shore Leave, as an author, as a percussionist, and, for the first time, as the subject of a Comedy Roast.

23rd-26th--Comic-Con International in San Diego, California: You'll be able to mostly find me at the BOOM! Studios booth, and I'll also be accepting my wholly undeserved Grandmaster Award from the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers.

6th-10th--Anticipation, the 67th Annual WorldCon in Montréal, Québec: I plan to attend this con this year.

21st-23rd--4Pi-Con in Enfield, Connecticut: I'll be an author guest, and I'll also be helping out the Hot Chicks with Books (terri_osborne, girlyengine, ktpinto, saraphina_marie, and possibly shadesong) as their loyal minion.

4th-7th--Dragon*Con 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia: I'll be doing my usual mad dash about several different tracks this year.

18th-20th--FenCon VI in Dallas/Fort Worth,Texas: I'll be a Special Guest of this convention.

20th-22nd--PhilCon 2009 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey: I intend to be an author guest at this convention.

I also might be attending Fan Expo Canada 2009 in Toronto in August along with the other BOOM!rats. We're still working that out....
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