May 14th, 2009

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off to the doctor place

The hiccups have made a couple of comebacks, but have been greatly reduced. I've been keeping about 90% of my solid food down. The prescription-strength Prilosec is my new best friend.

Off to see my third doctor in eight days......
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overheard in the doctor's office

A doctor on the phone with an insurance company: "This patient has had a heart attack, angioplasty, and twice suffered heart failure--and you guys send back a document saying the patient has no history of heart trouble. This is the most fraudulent thing I've ever seen!"
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steady as she goes....

The doctor confirmed what I figured: the antibiotics Did Something to my stomach to exacerbate the old hiatal hernia. I'm to keep taking the Prilosec for as long as it lasts (a month, based on the number of pills I have), and also I need to avoid foods that will make it worse: anything with onions, tomatoes, or caffeine. (Yes, I can still have my morning cuppa -- that was the first question I asked -- but shouldn't go beyond that.)

So things are looking up. I haven't hiccuped all day, and I think I can actually *gasp* go to karate tonight......
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Schott's Miscellany 13 May 2009

The United States declared war on Mexico (1846)


Flag ofnickname
Argentinathe Sun of May
AustraliaStars and Crosses; Australian Blue Ensign
BotswanaPula ("life-giving rain")
British Merchant Navy red ensignRed Duster
CubaLa Estrella Solitaria ("the lone star")
DenmarkDannebrog ("brog"=cloth)
Isle of Manthe Trinacria or Triskelion ("three legs of man")
JapanHinomaru ("sun-circle")
PiratesJolly Roger; Skull and Crossbones
Puerto RicoLa Monoestrellada ("the single star flag")
TurkeyAy Yildiz ("moon star"); Al Sancak ("red banner")

Shallow men bleieve in luck ... Strong men believe in cause and effect.
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-82)
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presenting our non-diabetic cat!

So I took Marcus -- who has been off insulin for one week now -- to the vet. I sent him back, and then the vet came out with Marcus in tow and said, "There are no diabetics in this room!" I laughed.

His diabetes is in remission. We're to keep feeding him the diabetic food (DM), alternating with the Purina E/N that's good for Aoki (and which both cats devour like whoa), but now we can reward them occasionally with some nice wet food (they particularly like salmon). The DM is also preventative, so it's good that he keeps eating it (and good for Aoki, too).

Marcus has now officially beaten cancer (back in '04) and diabetes. And he's still going strong at 17.

Go 'cus!
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no karate tonight

Thursday is usually the big physical workout class at the dojo, and I didn't really want that to be my first class back in over two weeks. Plus, I'm still kinda poopied. I'd rather get a couple more days of rest before going back.

So Saturday is my triumphant return to the dojo. I hope...
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