May 15th, 2009


Schott's Miscellany 14 May 2009

Israel was officially established as an independent Jewish state following the partition of Palestine (1948)


30 days hath November,
April, June, and September.
February hath 28 alone,
And all the rest have 31


30 days hath November,
April, June, and September,
Of 28 there is but one
And the rest 30 and 1
Dirty days hath September,
April, June, and November.
From January up to May
The rain it raineth every day.
February hath twenty-eight alone,
And all the rest have thirty-one.
If any of them had two and thirty
They'd be just as wet and dirty.

---Thomas Hood (1799-1845)

Virtue is not left to stand alone. He who practices it will have neighbors.
Confucius (551-497 BCE)
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modified rapture

A comics editor finally got back to me on a revision to a proposal that I sent him back in January. The good news: he likes it. The bad news: there isn't anything like room on the schedule for it right present, but he's keeping it on file.

Another editor mentioned in passing that he was open to pitches, and I threw something at him that was rummaging in the back of my head for a tie-in. He likes it, and now I need to write it up as a proper proposal.

Meantime, today is to be spent writing and moving and moving and writing. Wheeeee!
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buy my comics as well as my books!

In addition to the books I have for sale, I'm also selling copies of my recent comic book work. Please note that for the comics only, I need to charge $4 shipping for all orders that are for three comic books or less. So this means if you order one, two, or three comics, you have to add four bucks for shipping; if you order four or more comics, then it's just the price of the comics (which are all cover price, also four bucks).

With the books and the comics, please PayPal me the total amount to keith at decandido dot net. Specify your shipping address and to whom you want the comic or book autographed -- and in the case of the comics, if you prefer the autograph on the cover or on the title page.

The available comics include the following (prices in U.S. dollars):

Farscape #1 (specify Cover A or Cover B): $4.00
Farscape #2 (specify Cover A or Cover B): $4.00
Farscape #3 (specify Cover A or Cover B): $4.00
Farscape #4 (specify Cover A or Cover B): $4.00
Farscape: D'Argo's Lament #1 (specify Cover A or Cover B): $4.00
Farscape: Strange Detractors #1 (specify Cover A or Cover B): $4.00
Star Trek: Alien Spotlight: Klingons: $4.00

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If you have any questions, post 'em here. (If you've already ordered books, be patient -- I'm planning to do a mass shipment next week....)
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