May 21st, 2009

gone and back

another script bites the dust....

Rockne called me today with his notes on Farscape: Gone and Back #2, and he had very very few, saying that this was my best script yet.

I was, as they say, chuffed.

It's now off with BOOM! and Henson.......
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I never could get the hang of Thursdays....

Busy day today. I got my Amtrak tickets for Balticon 43 -- I'm heading down Sunday morning, coming back late Monday night. I'm really only there to play with the Boogie Knights -- for those of you going to the con, we'll be playing at 8pm Sunday night in Salon C-D. (Suddenly, kradical remembers that the last time the Boogies did Balticon, we played in that room, and there was no fucking air, and he makes a note to wear a kerchief like he did for the charity concert in November to avoid excess sweatage.....)

I've got my shrink appointment at 11.30, then I'm heading down to check the PO box, then to the parents' to steal their car so that suricattus, vincam, and I can take it to the Land of Meadow for a Bruce Springsteen concert!

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Schott's Miscellany 20 May 2009

Levi Strauss patented copper-riveted jeans (U.S. patent #139,121) (1873)


Around the world, apiculturists (beekeepers) employ a series of color codes to identify queen bees and indicate their ages. A smudge of harmless quick-drying paint is applied to the thorax of the queen bee so that she stands out within the hive's population. It seems that the origin of this color coding derives from the work of the Nobel Laureate Austrian zoologist Karl Von Frisch, who researched the language, orientation, and direction-finding of bees--as well as their senses of hearing, smell, and taste. The queen bee color-coding system operates as follows:

Colorlast digit of yearexamplemnemonic
White1 or 62006/2011Will
Yellow2 or 72007/2012You
Red3 or 82008/2013Raise
Green4 or 92009/2014Good
Blue5 or 02010/2015Bees?

(A number of beekeeping journals change their jacket color annually to match.)

All styles are good except the tiresome sort.
Voltaire (1694-1778)
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