May 31st, 2009


my Sunday feeling

Off to the dojo shortly to aid with the promotion. Every three months, folks who are eligible to go up a level from white belt up to brown belt are invited to go for promotion, and various black belts and advanced brown belts assist Shihan is running the promotion. There's a kids' promotion and an adult one -- the rules for helping out are less strict for the kids, because there's so many of them, so I've been helping out regularly with those since I was an advanced yellow belt. Today, though, I'm an advanced brown belt, so I'm able to help with the adult one as well (whether I do or not will depend on how many black belts there are in proportion to how many adults are going up, which I won't know until 1.30 when that promotion rolls 'round....).

Last night I finished the YA proposal. Now I need feedback on it before I can write up sample chapters. Other goals for today include writing Farscape: Gone and Back #3, giving suricattus back her big-ass tupperware (and getting some books from her), and installing my air conditioner.
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Schott's Miscellany 30 May 2009

Traditional Memorial Day


Francis Scott Key (1779-1843) was a wealthy Georgetown, MD, lawyer with a penchant for poetry. He penned the four verses of "The Star-Spangled Banner" in 1814, after being inspired by seeing the U.S. flag flying over Fort McHenry, MD, despite heavy night-time bombardment by the British. Key had the poem (then called "Defence of Fort McHenry") printed up as a broadside, with instructions for the words to be set to the English tune "To Anacreon in Heaven" by John Stafford Smith. After publication in many newspapers, the song became a patriotic favorite, finding inclusion in most songbooks of the day. In 1889 the secretary of the navy ordered "The Star-Spangled Banner" to be played each morning as the flag was raised, and by the time of WWI, both the navy and the army used the song as an unofficial anthem. The song was given official status in 1916 by Executive Order of President Wilson, and was confirmed as the U.S. national anthem by Congress on March 3, 1931.

It is a terrible thing for an old woman to outlive her dogs.
Tennessee Williams (1911-83)
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politics, Kerry Edwards

"pro-life," my ass....

Dr. George Tiller, a doctor who was targeted because he performs abortions, was shot while inside his church.

If you shoot someone in cold blood on consecrated ground, you've lost all claim to righteousness, and you certainly don't have any business calling yourself "pro-life."

There is no justification for this. None. The very same commandment allegedly being defended is the one being rather thoroughly violated.....
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strange detractors

Strange Detractors #3 preview

Preview art has gone up for Farscape: Strange Detractors #3, and it's a doozy. *grin* Be warned that there are what some might consider SPOILERS here -- I've said many times that four characters last seen on screen make their comic book debut in this issue, and we see two of them in this six-page preview. (Also be warned that this preview is of pages 1-6, but pages 6-7 are a double-page spread, and this preview only gives you half of it, so page 6 looks a bit funky; it'll look better in the book.)

The issue comes out Wednesday 3 June.

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