June 2nd, 2009

gone and back

workin' for a livin'.....

Just finished Farscape: Gone and Back #3's script. I'm going to pause a bit, then read it over before sending it to Rockne O'Bannon for his okee-dokee.

Got a note from the game company that I did the YA proposal for saying they got it and will get back to me soonest on it. Also got feedback from Blizzard on Chapter 5 of StarCraft: Ghost Academy Volume 1, which will need a bit of a rewrite. I also went over the pencils for several Gone and Back #1 pages.
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sucks, penguin5

Sal, RIP

Sal, one of the owners of Sal & Carmine's Pizza on the Upper West Side, has died.

When I lived on the UWS in the 1990s, I went to Sal & Carmine's all the time. It's the best pizza in NYC, IMO, and now I really want to go back there again, just to pay tribute to Sal. (I honestly never knew which of the two old Italian guys was Sal and which was Carmine. Next time I go, I guess I'll find out....)

*raises glass*
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I love this town....

From Overheard in New York:

Nobody Parties Like Classics Majors Party

Girl #1: I have a dirty, pathetic crush on Octavian. But really only when he's Octavian. Caesar Augustus, not as much.
Girl #2: I can definitely see that. He was pretty cute. And he was the emperor.
Girl #1: If I'd been around, I would have knifed that Livia bitch and totally tapped that ass. (pause) That imperial ass.

--Columbia University

Thanks to lyonessnyc for the heads-up.
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Schott's Miscellany 1 June 2009

Queen's Birthday (New Zealand)


June is probably derived from iuvenis ("young"), but it is also linkied to the goddess Juno, who personifies young women. In Scots Gaelic, the month is known as Ian t-òg-mbìos, the "young month"; and in Welsh, as Mehefin, the "middle."

According to weather lore, Calm weather in June, / Sets corn in tune.

To june a herd of animals is to drive them in a brisk or lively manner.

Wilfred Gowers-Round asserts that "June is the reality of the Poetic's claims for May."

In parts of South Africa, the verb to june-july is slang for shaking or shivering with fear--because these months, while summer in the north, are midwinter in the south.

MEDICAMENTATION--the act of administering medicines
"Jon was adept in the art of medicamentation."
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prague, tainted love

Tuesday's dead

I can haz air conditioner!

The AC is in and installed (with some kibbitzing aid from terri_osborne, who already installed hers and who was able to translate the sometimes incomprehensible instruction manual (incomprehensible to morons like self, anyhow (I just don't speak DIY (gee, how many parentheticals can I nest here? (probably only four....))))).

I have also okayed some Gone and Back pencils (Tommy Patterson is doing a superb job) and been asked to pitch a comic book one-shot. A good day so far.

Now to shower.....
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