June 6th, 2009


Schott's Miscellany 5 June 2009

The "Unknown Rebel" stopped a column of tanks in Tiananmen Square, China (1989)


Sunset red and morning gray
Sends the traveler on his way.

Sunset gray and morning red
Sends the train down on his head.

From my experience of life I believe my personal motto should be "Beware of men bearing flowers."
Muriel Spark (1918-)
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ghost academy

my weekend has been totally screwed up....

The jump drive is a lost cause. I can reformat it -- the error message it's giving me is that the drive is unformatted, and would you like to format it now? -- but that's it.

This sets everything behind. Last night was spent not finishing the revisions and not doing the research I need to do for the comics pitch, instead drinking beer and watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent reruns.

Today is girasole's 62nd birthday, so much of the afternoon and early evening will be spent in joyous celebration. The rest of the day (well, evening), which was supposed to be spent working on D'Argo's Trial #3, will instead be spent re-creating what I did yesterday, which is always an agonizing process, and will likely take the entire fucking weekend, which puts me behind on Trial, not to mention the original mystery/romance I've been wanting to get the proposal/samples done for.


But today we put all this aside (which is part of why I wrote this post, to get it out of my system), and celebrate the 62nd birthday of The Mom. *grin*
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promotion picture!

When the four- and five-year-olds were done with their part of the big promotion at the dojo last weekend, Shihan wanted to get a picture taken, so here it is: the kids are in the front row, with Shihan and his helpers (me and a bunch of black belts) in the back row.

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Ain't the kids adorable? Rey (an advanced yellow belt whose daughter is one of the kids up front there) took the picture.
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