June 9th, 2009


Schott's Miscellany 8 June 2009

Queen's Birthday (Australia exc. WA)


When bees do not go out as usual, but keep in or about their hives, rain may be expected.

Before wind, swine run squeaking about as though they were made; which has given rise to the notion that pigs can see the wind.

Before rain the pintadoes called comebacks squall more than usual;as do peacocks.

The early appearance of woodcocks, snipes, swinepipes, fieldfares, etc. are prognostications of severe winters.

From The Every-Day Book, 1825-26 by William Hone

RUNYONESQUE--in the style of Damon Runyon
"'Gimme da gun,' he insisted with Runyonesque swagger."
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