June 11th, 2009

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the KRAD version of a light day

I wrote a novel proposal and sent it to my agent. The novel is for a particular line of books, and if it sells, it'll likely be under a pseudonym, but it's an original mystery-ish story that will be fun to write. varkat will inform me if it actually fits the line and tell me where it doesn't. Then I have to do three sample chapters.....

I also watched the Yankees lose a heartbreaker to the Red Sox and also recorded some audio bits for a project dr_p_venkman's putting together.
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    "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright" by Arlo Guthrie

stoner kitties

I don't recall if I've mentioned this or not, but since we moved down from the 3rd to the 2nd floor, terri_osborne decided to grow a mini-garden on our newly acquired deck. She's planted tomatoes, roses, sunflowers, sage, romaine lettuce -- and catnip.

She brought in a couple of leafs of the latter, and boy were the cats happy. Marcus in particular has spent pretty much the entire night becoming one with the bathmat.

As for Aoki, she never displayed any interest in store-bought 'nip, but she's all over the pure stuff. *laughs*

Our cats are a couple of stoners, man.
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    "Jackhammer John" by Richie Havens & Pete Seeger