June 13th, 2009


Schott's Miscellany 12 June 2009

O.J. Simpson's ex-wife and her friend Ronald Goldman were murdered outside her Los Angeles home (1994)


StateState nicknameState motto
SOUTH CAROLINAPalmetto StateAnimis opibusque parati [prepared in mind and resources]; Dum spiro spero [while I breathe, I hope]
SOUTH DAKOTAMount Rushmore State; Coyote StateUnder God, the people rule
TENNESSEEVolunteer StateAgriculture and Commerce
TEXASLone Star StateFriendship
UTAHBeehive StateIndustry
VERMONTGreen Mountain StateFreedom and Unity
VIRGINIAOld Dominion; Mother of PresidentsSic semper tyrannis [thus always to tyrants]
WASHINGTONEvergreen StateAl-Ki [by and by]
WEST VIRGINIAMountain StateMontani semper liberi [mountaineers are always free]
WISCONSINBadger StateForward
WYOMINGEquality StateEqual rights

Happiness is no laughing matter.
Richard Whately (1787-1863)
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chronic rift

Heroes of the Zombie War

My fellow Chronic Rift dude Jay Smith (dr_p_venkman) is putting together an audio drama called "Heroes of the Zombie War," about a small town in the Algonquin Valley in Pennsylvania dealing with a zombie virus that spreads throughout the world in the 2010s.

Among the characters is an elderly, ex-alcoholic, Vietnam veteran, right-wing-ish AM radio host named Todd Rage. I mention that character in particular, because I'm the one providing the voice for him. *grin* Other voice talent includes popfiend, Stacey Dooks, Carole Stokes, Martha Linbo-Terhaar, and others.

Some promos for the audio drama are now up on both YouTube and Facebook. For the latter, search for "HG World," and you should be able to join the group, which has the promos as part of it. As for the Tube of You:

Check 'em out!
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NYY, melky

baseball quote of the day

"Pitching and batting ninth, Brett Gardner."
---Joe Buck giving the Yankee lineup, forgetting a) that there's a DH, and b) that Gardner's the center fielder and Andy Pettitte is pitching *chuckle*

(He corrected himself a few minutes later, but it made me snarf my iced tea.....)
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